If only I could share
what a true friend I met.
The day I connected to the

If only I could explain 
the friendship I found.
The day I started surfing

If only I could type the
right words to say.
I could explain what 
it means to be online today.

If only you knew how
your life would touch my own.
With a gesture of kindness
that you have shown.

If only I could tell you
about the day we met.
When you changed my life 
while talking on the net.

If only I could take a moment 
and find a way.
To let you know how much
you mean to me today.

If only this message can reach 
you somehow.
To let you know a true friend
you have now.

If only more people could
see the friendship we share.
To know that simple words
can show you care.

If only I can share with you today
the friendship I have found.
So that you will pass this message
to your friends all around.

2001 written by: K. Foley

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