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As I learn how to love,
be happy and be kind.
I remember I wasn't always in my 
right mind.

I tried to remember when things
changed along the way.
When you no longer wanted to hear
what I had to say.

Time goes by and sometimes we
forget how to live.
So quickly life changes and it's
hard to forgive.

But how do I share
the gift given to me? 
That things are not as 
they use to be.

I trust in God now
with the things that I do.
And I pray that you will 
learn that too.

Just a simple prayer and a
moment to pause.
When things seem lost and
we don't know the cause.

Share your feelings 
and thoughts the best you can.
And God will be
there to hold you in his hand.

2003 Written by: Kathy Foley



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