We start each day
with a moment in time.
Life starts moving 
inside of our mind.

We think back of 
what could have been.
Experience tells us 
if we'd only known then.

Our mind gives us a choice
of which way to go.
But how do we choose 
if it's all that we know. 

We try our best to 
stay in today.
But the worldly clamors
get in the way.

What seems so right 
often seems wrong. 
Since we have been doing it
this way for so long. 

If we reach for a power
that comes from inside.
We can change all that, 
what we use to hide.

We are given suggestions
and we may feel like fools.
But our journey begins with
a few simple tools.

And if we take action and
keep an open mind. 
Life will start to change, 
give it some time.

We sense a new power, 
but how could that be?
Just a few simple steps
and we came to believe.

It may not be easy cause
our minds tell us so.
But when we think with our hearts,
we want that feeling to grow.

So don't struggle to much, 
use that trust from above.
Reach out your hand and
give someone your love. 

Live in today and share 
your hope with a friend.
That's when the miracle of 
your new life will begin. 

2005 Written by: Kathy Foley


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