“Serenity Album,” is a captivating combination of songs that express musical meditations on the Twelve Step program. The original selections were written, adapted, and performed by Sandy Soffe. 

The whole album expresses the challenge, the hope, and the joy of recovery in a way that moves the listener to enter fully into spirituality. The twelve step program can be applied to many addictions in our lives and is used not only in recovery but as a day to day program bringing us closer to serenity.

Serenity Album

Musical Reflections on the Twelve Steps.

Full Length 14 Song Audio CD or Cassette

Step 1. Out of Control
Step 2. Childlike Faith
Step 3. Let It Go
Step 4. The Other Me
Step 5. Secrets
Step 6. Ready & Willing
Step 7. Better Than I Was
Step 8. I See The Light ~ See Video
Step 9. Everything Has Changed
Step 10. Reflections
Step 11. Grant Us Peace, O Lord
Step 12. Pass It On

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The Twelve Steps are reprinted and adapted with permission of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (A.A.W.S.) Permission to reprint and adapt the Twelve Steps does not mean that A. A. W. S. has reviewed or approved the contents of this musical CD, or that A.A.W.S. necessarily agrees with the views expressed herein. A.A. is a program of recovery from alcoholism only - use of the Twelve Steps in connection with programs and activities which are patterned after A.A., but which address other problems, or in any other non A.A. context, does not imply otherwise. Additionally, while A.A. is a spiritual program, A.A. is not a religious program. Thus, A.A. is not affiliated or allied with any sect, denomination, or specific religious belief.