of the United States!



George Washington was the first in the line. 

  Next came Adams and he was fine. 




Jefferson bought Louisiana for you and me.
His face is on the nickel for us to see.


 Madison fled the capital with First Lady Dolley,
while the British burned the White House and 
said it was jolly.


Monroe had a doctrine that kept Europe away,
and we would force them out if they didn't obey.


John Quincy Adams was John Adam's Son,
choosing men with the same name had begun.


Andrew Jackson was tough as could be,
And that's why they called him "Old Hickory."


Martin Van Buren had the nickname "OK."
Harrison was too old they say.


Tyler was an accident, but worked with all his might.
 Polk shouted, "Fifty-four forty or fight".


"Old Rough and Ready" fought the Mexican War,
but Zachary Taylor didn't last four.


Milliard Fillmore learned to read.
Franklin Pierce had the memory of speed. 


James Buchanan let the south get away.
Lincoln brought it back, and it's still here today. 


Andrew Johnson had to be impeached,
but two-thirds of the Senate votes couldn't be reached.


U.S. Grant had a name to be feared. 
Rutherford B. Hayes wore a long beard. 


James A. Garfield could write with both hands.
Chester A. Arthur was the gentleman of the land. 


Cleveland served two different terms and that was the truth. 
A candy bar was named after his daughter, "Baby Ruth".


  Benjamin Harrison wore his grandfather's hat.
He served four years and that was that.


Grover Cleveland was really tough.
He came back for more because he hadn't had enough.


McKinley has a claim to fame.
Our highest mountain bears his name.


Roosevelt was the first president to ride in a plane.
"Teddy" is a bear that holds his name.


William Howard Taft weighed a ton. 
Woodrow Wilson won World War One.


Warren G. Harding made himself heard,
but silent Calvin Coolidge hardly ever said a word. 


Herbert Hoover watched the stock market crash.
The Great Depression wouldn't last. 


Franklin D. Roosevelt was our president four times.
His head was engraved on our dimes.
Harry Truman dropped the big bomb.
He won World War II and brought the cold war on.


Eisenhower was very liked.
He went by the name of "Ike".


Kennedy, for a president, was very young.
Johnson took the oath on Air Force One. 


Richard Nixon said, "I'm not a crook!"
Ford let Nixon off the hook. 


Jimmy Carter had a great big grin,
but inflation caught up to him after he was in.


Ronald Reagan was a movie star with a great smile.
George Bush ended the Gulf War with style. 


Bill Clinton stayed out of jail.
He said he tried it, but he didn't inhale.


Now it's another man's chance to be the one.
The man of the hour is George Bush's son. 
He's got the same name, but don't let it trouble you.
He's George W. Bush, but you can call him "W".

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