Just Ask!

How do you stop
when you have gone too far?
Where do you begin to 
heal the wounds that scar?

When you have lost all
that you had.
How do you come back
from all that went bad?

Love means never having to say 
you're sorry, we thought.
If that were true, why do we
have to say it a lot.

Pride sometimes gets 
in the way.
It keeps us from expressing 
what we really want to say.

When you come to a crossroad in your
life with a choice.
Do you choose the easy road or the 
hard one with a voice?

If you open your heart and 
say a small prayer.
Guidance is really right beside you
listening and aware.

Have a little faith when all
seems lost.
It doesn't take much and there
is no cost.

So reach out your hand,
it is not an easy task.
But when all is said and done,
all you have to do is ask!

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Written by: K. Foley ©2000

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