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I Kissed My Son Goodbye



I Kissed My Son Goodbye
I Kissed My Son Goodbye Audio CD
"I Kissed My Son Goodbye" written and performed by Sandy Soffe, conveys the message of encouragement and pride for our troops and also brings some comfort to those praying for their safe return home.

The gentle, yet powerful words in this song help us realize the dedication that our brave men and women possess and serving as a reminder to all of us to pray for every military person and their family.


I Kissed My Son Goodbye Video Download

No waiting. The Special Edition Video featuring the song, "I Kissed My Son Goodbye" by Sandy Soffe, is now available for download onto your computer. You can keep it forever and share it with your future generations.

(The preview provided online is condensed for faster loading.)

Included in the video download:

  • Stand-alone flash video for your computer
  • Video includes all music, animation, and graphics currently viewed online
  • Music is stereo (not condensed as it is online)
  • Stand-alone program with no need for Internet connection or waiting
  • Free wallpaper graphics for your desktop
  • Great keepsake for future generations to come

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