The sun is always shining 
just above the cloudy haze,
as we share friendship
across an online maze.

We express love and kindness 
without a face.
It comes from deep inside our 
hearts from a special place.

Within our lives
we share special dreams, unusual and unique,
and it is with our
keyboards that we speak.

You are a friend of mine
from the emails we exchange.
I wouldn't know you on the street
and it doesn't even seem strange.

You have brightened my life 
with the thoughtfulness you show.
Your words encourage me 
more than you could know.

As people change 
and times keep changing too,
one thing stays the same ~
the way I feel for you.

For this friendship we possess
we owe a world of gratitude and debt,
because we would not know each other 
if it wasn't for the net.

2000 Written by: Ms. K. Foley

Share this with a special friend
and make there day brighter, too.
And someday your kindness will
be returned to you.

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