I am the spirit of hope,
I am the spirit of opportunity,
I am the spirit of humanity,
I am the spirit of independence,
I am the spirit of freedom,
I am the spirit of peace,
I am the spirit of America.
I am not a place,
I am not a people,
I am not a building,
I am not a way of life,
I am all of these and more.
I am an ideal first formulated in the
Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.
I am the beacon of hope for the entire Earth.
I am the spirit of America.

Yes, you can destroy my buildings,
But these are only symbols, perhaps even monuments
to the success of a free people living in a free land.
Oh yes, the people will shed tears,
light many candles, and say prayers, hand in hand.
But do not think this a weakness or sign of defeat.
It is a sign of unity, resolve, and faith.
For so long as one person anywhere on this planet
Yearns to be free -- I live on!
I am the hope of the world.
I can not be broken, you can do me no harm.
I am the spirit of America and no evil, 
past or future can harm me.
For I am greater than any land, or building or man.
For I am none of these, yet all of these.
The more you try to harm me, the stronger I become.
I am the Spirit of America, a gift from God to Man.

written by: John J. Kodak

For those fighting for justice in remembrance of September 11, 2001

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