May there always be work 
for your hands to do..
May your purse always 
hold a coin or two..

May the sun always shine 
on your windowpane..
May a rainbow be certain 
to follow each rain..

May the hand of a loved 
one always be near you..
May God fill your heart 
with gladness to cheer you..

May your internet connection 
be fast and not slow..
May you have fun surfing 
and find places to go..

May you find friendship 
with someone new everyday..
May you learn something
to help you on your way..

May this Friendship Bracelet
be a sign,
to tell you how much
You mean to me Online.

Mobile Users Press Play.

Lets send this friendship bracelet all around
to all the new friends that we have found.

Lets see how many people we can give a bracelet too.

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