This is a special day
I hold dear to my heart.
Your memories I have inside,
for now we are apart.

You were always full of hope
and gave all your love.
I know your in God's hands, 
the father up above.

Inside me is where you live,
in a special place. 
When I need some cheering up,
I see your smiling face.

Though I may not hear you laugh
or hold your hand today. 
I cherish every moment that
you gave me everyday.

When times get tough
and I feel I can't go on.
I know that you would tell 
me just be strong. 

Your life may have ended
before your time. 
But I know God has helped me
by letting your memory shine.

The comfort I have today is
knowing that you are free. 
It's just really hard to let go of
what use to be. 

You enriched my life
more than I can ever say. 
That is why I remember it's
your birthday today. 

As I smile and sing 
Happy Birthday to you!
In my heart I remember
all the memories too.

And when the time comes for 
us to see each other again.
I know you'll be there waiting 
to show me the way in.


©2004 Written by: Kathy Foley

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