The New Year

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We begin the new Century
with our Worlds connected.
Computers and keyboards,
phone lines redirected.

Stocking up. Fixing things.
All of us thinking as one.
What will we lose? What will 
happen when the New Year comes?

But what we have gained we
don't realize is there.
A gift of kindness and caring.
The Internet has taught us to share.

We have found love and 
friendship without a face.
We no longer have countries or boundaries. 
We are all one Human Race.

Maybe it's a great plan 
in the heaven's up above.
To bring us together with 
friendship and Love.

No matter what the future holds,
we have this moment in time.
One World together
Sharing it Online.

Happy New Year!

¬©Written By: K. Foley  

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