Wouldn't it be wonderful if
we could find some way.
To take time out to celebrate the 
simple joys each day.

Holding hands and taking walks
or sitting in the park,
sharing quiet time alone
long after it gets dark.

Spending Sunday afternoons 
relaxing outside.
Enjoying being here
and taking life in stride.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if
we could take time out .
To cherish the simple moments
cause that's what life's about.

I know it isn't easy for 
the two of us to find.
Some time to be together
and just let ourselves unwind.

But I really hope it's something 
that can happen more and more.
For it's a wonderful life
and a treasure to explore.

And there is absolutely nothing
in this world I'd rather do
than to spend some quiet moments
every day, with you.

Thinking of You!

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