We don't always understand
why things happen as they do.
But I am very sure of one thing 
we will make it through.

We've shared in world sorrows and 
our hearts break more and more.
When we think of the loved ones and
where their footprints were before.

Yet, we see gifts of love and
the joy that sharing brings.
We have seen the worst of times bring
out the best of life's good things.

It has all happened in a hurry
and we all ask why.
We feel lost in a place 
as life passes us by.

Our lives can get to caught up
as we take on more and more.
Less time is left for simple joys
than just the day before.

As we begin to heal 
we realize it very slow.
It's a wonderful world and it's
time to continue to grow.

So if you find yourself lost
and your days running away.
You can always come back to
this peaceful place today.

2001 Written by: K. Foley

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