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What is a Link4U Sponsor?
Link4U.com is a fun and entertaining hi-traffic website. While you sponsor us, we bring traffic to your website by sponsoring you.
Join our sponsor network today FREE!

How does it work?
Members participate by showing sponsor banners from the Link4U network on their own site. In return, we add your banner to our sponsors network for your banner to be viewed by our visitors.

You'll get a snippet of HTML code to use on your pages (the code will show our sponsor banners). Simply paste the code in, upload your pages and you're ready to go! We'll provide instructions if you need help placing your code.

You also need to give us your own banner for our sponsors area. Once approved, your banner will be shown on our sponsors area.

What types of sponsors are shown on my page?
All sponsors banners in the network are reviewed by our staff to be appropriate for general audiences. We do not accept any advertisements for adult material or other potentially objectionable content.

Are there any restrictions on what I can advertise?
Sites with content suitable for general audiences may participate in the Link4U sponsor program.  Participation in Link4U sponsor network is contingent on both site and banner approval.

Why is it free?
The Link4U reserves some of the ad space on our network sites for reputable third-party sponsors. This helps us cover the costs of servers and administration for this service.

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