"I Kissed My Son Goodbye" by Sandy Soffe. 

These links are just for convenience and may need updating if you find a broken link please let us know the address change and we will update this page. We do not have all the states and radio stations listed here, if your state or link is not listed feel free to look in your local phone book for your radio station. Click here to see all stations



KABK 97.7 FM Augusta, AR
KCON 1230 AM Conway,
KDRS 107.1 FM Paragould,
KEZA 107.9 Fm Fayetteville,
KFFA 103.1 FM Helena,
KLAL 107.7 FM Wrightsville,
KLAZ 105.9 FM Hot Springs,
KLBQ El Dorado,
KMXF 101.9 FM Hot Mix101.9 Fayetteville,
KQAR 100.3 FM Jacksonville,
KTRN 104.5 FM K-Train White Hall,
KURB 98.5 FM Little Rock,
KWKK 100.9 FM Russellville,
KZBR 101.9 Mountain Pine,



KFNS 590 AM Wood River, IL
KMJM 104.9 FM Columbia, IL
WAIK 1590 AM Galesburg, IL
WAPO 90.5 FM Mount Vernon, IL
WAXR 88.1 FM Geneseo, IL
WBBM 780 AM Chicago, IL
WBBM 96.3 FM Chicago, IL
WBEE 1570 AM Chicago, IL
WBEZ 91.5 FM Chicago, IL
WBGE 92.3 FM Peoria, IL
WBGL 91.7 FM Champaign, IL
WBNQ 101.5 FM Bloomington, IL
WBRJ 106.7 FM Quincy, IL
WBRO 92.7 FM Kank
ALee, IL
WBVN 104.5 FM Carrier Mills, IL
WBWN 104.1 FM Bloomington, IL
WCBR 92.7 FM Arlington Heights, IL
WCBU 89.9 FM Peoria, IL (Bradley University)
WCBW 104.9 FM Columbia, IL
WCFL 104.7 FM Morris, IL
WCGO 1600 AM Chicago Heights, IL
WCIL 101.5 FM Carbondale, IL
WCVS 96.7 FM Virden, IL
WCZQ 105.5 FM Monticello, IL
WDBR 103.7 FM Springfield, IL
WDCB 90.9 FM Glen Ellyn, IL (College of DuPage)
WDCR 95.5 FM Decatur, IL
WDDD 107.3 FM Marion, IL
WDDZ 1500 AM Zion, IL
WDEK 92.5 FM DeKalb, IL
WDLM 89.3 FM East Moline, IL
WDLM 960 AM East Moline, IL
WDML 106.9 FM Mt. Vernon, IL
WDNL 102.1 FM Danville, IL
WDWS 1400 AM ChampaignUrbana, IL
WEAI 107.1 FM Lynville, IL
WEBX 93.5 FM ChampaignUrbana, IL
WEFT 90.1 FM ChampaignUrbana, IL
WESN 88.1 FM Bloomington, IL (Illinois Wesleyan University)
WETN 88.1 FM Wheaton, IL (Wheaton College)
WFMB 104.5 FM Springfield, IL
WFMB 1450 AM Springfield, IL
WFMT 98.7 FM Chicago, IL
WFMT 98.7 FMC Chicago, IL
WFXF 94.3 FM Peoria, IL
WGCA 88.5 FM Quincy, IL
WGEM 105.1 FM Quincy, IL
WGEM 1440 AM Quincy, IL
WGLO 95.5 FM Pekin, IL
WGLT 89.1 FM Bloomington, IL (Illinois State University)
WGN 720 AM Chicago, IL
WHCI 107.5 FM Chicago, IL
WHCO 1230 AM Sparta, IL
WHMS 97.5 FM ChampaignUrbana, IL
WHPK 88.5 FM Chicago, IL (University of Chicago)
WHTS 98.9 FM Rock Island, IL
WIBI 91.1 FM Carlinville, IL
WIBV 1260 AM Belleville, IL
WIDB 104.3 FMC Carbondale, IL (Southern Illinois Univ)
WIDB 950 AM Chicago, IL
WIHN 96.7 FM Normal, IL
WILL 580 AM Urbana, IL (University of Illinois)
WILL 90.9 FM Urbana, IL (University of Illinois)
WIUM 91.3 FM Macomb, IL (Western Illinois University)
WIUS 88.3 FM Macomb, IL (Western Illinois University)
WIUW 89.5 FM Warsaw, IL (Western Illinois University)
WIXY 100.3 FM Champaign, IL
WJBC 1230 AM Bloomington, IL
WJCH 91.9 FM Joliet, IL
WJEQ 102.7 FM Macomb, IL
WJIL 1550 AM Jacksonville, IL
WJJG 1530 AM Elmhust, IL
WJKL 94.3 FM Elgin, IL
WJMK 104.3 FM Chicago, IL
WJOD 107.5 FM Galena, IL
WJVO 105.5 FM South Jacksonville, IL
WKAI 100.1 FM Macomb, IL
WKAN 1320 AM Kankakee, IL
WKDI 93.5 FM Dekalb, IL (Northern Illinois University)
WKIE 92.7 FM Arlinngton Heights, IL
WKIO 92.5 FM Urbana, IL
WKKD 1580 AM Aurora, IL
WKKD 95.9 FM Aurora, IL
WKQX 101.1 FM Chicago, IL
WKRS 1220 AM Waukegan, IL
WKTA 1330 AM Northbrook, IL
WLBK 1360 AM Dekalb, IL
WLDS 1180 AM Jacksonville, IL
WLEY 107.9 FM Aurora, IL
WLIT 93.9 FM Chicago, IL
WLMD 104.7 FM Bushnell, IL
WLRA 88.1 FM Romeoville, IL (Lewis University)
WLRB 1510 AM Macomb, IL
WLRT 92.7 FM Kankakee, IL
WLRW 94.5 FM Champaign, IL
WLS 890 AM Chicago, IL
WLTL 88.1 FM LaGrange, IL (Lyons Township High School)
WLUP 97.9 FM Chicago, IL
WLUW 88.7 FM Chicago, IL (Loyola University Chicago)
WMAY 970 AM Springfield, IL
WMBI 1110 AM Chicago, IL
WMBI 90.1 FM Chicago, IL (Moody Bible Institute)
WMCL 1060 AM McLeansboro, IL
WMCW 1600 AM Harvard, IL
WMKR 94.3 FM Taylorville, IL
WMVP 1000 AM Chicago, IL
WNND 100.3 FM Chicago, IL
WNOI 103.9 FM Flora, IL
WNTH 88.1 FM Winnetka, IL (New Trier High School)
WNUR 89.3 FM Evanston, IL (Northwestern University)
WNVR 1030 AM Chicago, IL
WOAM 1350 AM Peoria, IL
WONC 89.1 FM Naperville, IL (North Central College)
WONU 89.7 FM Kankakee, IL (Olivet Nazarene University)
WOOZ 99.9 FM Carbondale, IL
WOUI 88.9 FM Chicago, IL (Illinois Institute of Technology)
WPBG 93.3 FM Peoria, IL
WPCD 88.7 FM Champaign, IL (Parkland College)
WPEO 1020 AM Peoria, IL
WPGU 107.1 FM Champaign, IL
WPXN 104.9 FM Paxton, IL
WQCY 99.5 FM Quincy, IL
WQFL 100.9 FM Rockford, IL
WQLZ 92.7 FM Springfield, IL
WQQB 96.1 FM Rantoul, IL
WQQL 101.9 FM Springfield, IL
WQUB 90.3 FM Quincy, IL (Quincy University)
WQUL 97.7 FM West Frankferd, IL
WRAM 1330 AM Monmouth, IL
WRCX 103.5 FM Chicago, IL
WRDZ 1300 AM La Grange, IL
WRHK 94.9 FM Danville, IL
WRMJ 102.3 FM Aledo, IL
WRMN 1410 AM Kane, IL
WROK 1440 AM Rockford, IL
WRZA 99.9 FM Kankakee, IL
WSDZ 1260 AM Belleville, IL
WSIE 88.7 FM Edwardsville, IL (Southern Illinois University)
WSIU 91.9 FM Carbondale, IL (Southern Illinois University)
WSOY 102.9 FM Decatur, IL
WSWT 106.9 FM Peoria, IL
WTAD 930 AM Quincy, IL
WTAQ 1300 AM La Grange, IL
WTAU 1500 AM Zion, IL
WTAZ 102.3 FM Peoria, IL
WTIM 1410 AM Taylorville, IL
WTIM 97.3 FM Taylorville, IL
WTMX 101.9 FM Chicago, IL
WUBT 103.5 FM Chicago, IL
WUIC 89.5 FM Chicago, IL
WUOI 88.9 FM Chicago, IL (Illinois Institute of Technology)
WVAZ 102.7 FM Chicago, IL
WVIK 90.3 FM Rock Island, IL (Augustana College)
WVON 1450 AM Cicero, IL
WVRV 101.1 FM East St. Louis, IL
WVVX 103.1 FM Highland park, IL
WVZA 92.7 FM Carbondale, IL
WWCT 105.7 FM Peoria, IL
WXBR 92.7 FM Arlington Hights, IL
WXCD 94.7 FM Chicago, IL
WXCL 104.9 FM Peoria, IL
WXLC 102.3 FM Waukegan, IL
WXRT 93.1 FM Chicago, IL
WXRX 104.9 FM Rockford, IL
WXXQ 98.5 FM Freeport, IL
WXXY 103.1 FM Highland Park, IL
WYKT 105.5 FM Wilmington, IL
WYLL 106.7 FM Chicago, IL
WYMG 100.5 FM Springfield, IL
WYPA 820 AM Chicago, IL
WYXX 103.1 FM Morris, IL
WZCH 103.9 FM Dundee, IL
WZNF 95.3 FM Rantoul, IL
WZNX 106.7 FM Sullivan, IL
WZOK 97.5 FM Rockford, IL
WZRD 88.3 FM Chicago, IL (Northeastern Illinois University)
WZSR 105.5 FM Crystal Lake, IL 


WABX 107.5 FM Evansville, IN
WAJI 95.1 FM Fort Wayne, IN
WAOV 1450 AM Vincennes, IN
WAPC 91.9 FM Terre Haute, IN
WASK 1450 AM Lafayette, IN
WASK 98.7 FM Lafayette, IN
WAWC 103.5 FM Syracuse, IN
WAXI 104.9 FM Rockville, IN
WAXT 96.7 FM Alexandria, IN
WAZY 96.5 FM Lafayette, IN
WBAA 101.3 FM West Lafayette, IN (Purdue University)
WBCL 90.3 FM Fort Wayne, IN (Taylor University)
WBIW 1340 AM Bedford, IN
WBNI 89.1 FM Fort Wayne, IN
WBTU 93.3 FM Fort Wayne, IN
WBWB 96.7 FM Bloomington, IN
WBYR 98.9 FM Fort Wayne, IN
WBYT 100.7 FM South Bend, IN
WCBK 102.3 FM Martinville, IN
WCCR 90.1 FMC West Lafayette, IN (Purdue University)
WCOE 96.7 FM La Porte, IN
WCSI 1010 AM Columbus, IN
WCYT 91.1 FM Ft. Wayne, IN (Homestead High School)
WEAX 88.3 FM Angola, IN (TriState University)
WEJE 96.3 FM Fort Wayne, IN
WENS 97.1 FM Indianapolis, IN
WERK 104.7 FM Muncie, IN
WFBQ 94.7 FM Indianapolis, IN
WFHB 91.3 FM Bloomington, IN
WFIU 103.7 FM Bloomington, IN (Indiana University)
WFMS 95.5 FM Indianapolis, IN
WFRN 104.7 FM Elkhart, IN
WFRN 1270 AM Elkhart, IN
WFWI 92.3 FM Fort Wayne, IN
WGCS 91.1 FM Goshen, IN
WGLD 104.5 FM Indianapolis, IN
WGNR 1470 AM Anderson, IN
WGNR 97.9 FM Anderson, IN
WGRL 93.9 FM Indianapolis, IN
WGTC 102.3 FM New Carlisle, IN
WHBU 1240 AM Anderson, IN
WHHH 96.3 FM Indianapolis, IN
WHJE 91.3 FM Carmel, IN (Carmel High School)
WHKW 98.9 FM Salem, IN
WHPL 89.9 FM West Lafayette, IN
WHPZ 96.9 FM South Bend, IN
WIBC 1070 AM Indianapolis, IN
WIBN 98.1 FM Earl Park, IN
WIKY 104.1 FM Evansville, IN
WISU 89.7 FM Terre Haute, IN (Indiana State University)
WIUS 1570 AM Bloomington, IN (Indiana University)
WIWC 91.7 FM Kokomo, IN
WJAA 96.3 FM Seymour, IN
WJFX 107.9 FM Ft.Wayne, IN
WJPS 93.5 FM Chandler, IN
WKAM 1460 AM Goshen, IN
WKHY 93.5 FM Lafayette/West Lafayette, IN
WKKG 101.5 FM Columbus, IN
WKOA 105.3 FM Lafayette, IN
WKUZ 95.9 FM Walbash, IN
WLAB 88.3 FM Ft. Wayne, IN
WLBC 104.1 FM Muncie, IN
WLDE 101.7 FM Ft. Wayne, IN
WLEZ 102.7 FM Terre Haute, IN
WLHM 102.3 FM Logansport, IN
WLHN 101.7 FM Elwood, IN
WLJE 105.5 FM Valparaiso, IN
WLYV 1450 AM Fort Wayne, IN
WLZQ 101.1 FM South Whitley, IN
WMDH 102.5 FM New Castle, IN
WMEE 97.3 FM Fort Wayne, IN
WMGI 100.7 FM Terre Haute, IN
WMHD 90.5 FM Terre Haute, IN (RoseHulman Institute of Technology)
WMPI 105.3 FM Scottsburg, IN
WMRI 106.9 FM Marion, IN
WMYS 1430 AM Indianapolis, IN
WNAP 93.1 FM Indianapolis, IN
WNDE 1260 AM Indianapolis, IN
WNDE 1260 AM Indianapolis, IN
WNDU 92.9 FM South Bend, IN
WNDV 92.9 FM South Bend, IN
WNDY 91.3 FM Crawfordsville, IN (Wabash College)
WNDZ 750 AM Portage, IN
WNIN 88.3 FM Evansville, IN
WNJY 102.9 FM Delphi, IN
WNSN 101.5 FM South Bend, IN
WOWO 1190 AM Fort Wayne, IN
WQFE 101.9 FM Brownsburg, IN
WQHK 105.1 FM Decator, IN
WQKO 91.9 FM Howe, IN
WRBR 103.9 FM South Bend, IN
WRZQ 107.3 FM Columbus, IN
WRZX 103.3 FM Indianapolis, IN
WSAL 1230 AM Logansport, IN
WSBT 960 AM South Bend, IN
WSDM 1130 AM Terre Haute, IN
WSDM 97.7 FM Terre Haute, IN
WSHW 99.7 FM Frankfort, IN
WSJD 100.5 FM Princeton, IN
WSND 88.9 FM Notre Dame, IN (University of Notre Dame)
WSNS 101.5 FM South Bend, IN
WSYW 107.1 FM Indianapolis, IN
WTHD 105.5 FM La Grange, IN
WTHI 1480 AM Terre Haute, IN
WTHI 99.9 FM Terre Haute, IN
WTLC 105.7 FM Indianapolis, IN
WTLC 1310 AM Indianapolis, IN
WTPI 107.9 FM Indianapolis, IN
WTRC 1340 AM Elkhart, IN
WTRE 1330 AM Greensburg, IN
WTTS 92.3 FM Bloomington, IN
WUBS 89.7 FM South Bend, IN
WUEV 91.5 FM Evansville, IN (University of Evansville)
WVFI 640 AM Notre Dame, IN (University of Notre Dame)
WVFI 640 AM South Bend, IN (University of Notre Dame)
WVPE 88.1 FM Elkhart, IN
WVUR 95.1 FM Valparaiso, IN (Valparaiso University)
WVXI 106.3 FM Crawfordsville, IN (Xavier University)
WVXR 89.3 FM Richmond, IN (Xavier University)
WWKI 100.5 FM Kokomo, IN
WWWO 93.5 FM Hartford City, IN
WXIR 98.3 FM Indianapolis, IN
WXKE 103.9 FM Fort Wayne, IN
WXLW 950 AM Indianapolis, IN
WYNG 105.3 FM Evansville, IN
WYSR 94.1 FM Roanoke, IN
WZOC 94.3 FM Plymouth, IN
WZOW 97.7 FM Goshen, IN
WZPL 99.5 FM Indianapolis, IN
WZZQ 107.5 FM Terre Haute, IN



KABI 1560 AM Abilene, KS
KANU 91.5 FM Lawrence, KS (University of Kansas)
KANZ 91.1 FM Garden City, KS
KARF 91.9 FM Independence, KS
KBCU 88.1 FM North Newton, KS (Bethel College)
KBLS 102.5 FM North Fort Riley, KS
KBUZ 90.3 FM Topeka, KS
KCAY 95.9 FM Russell, KS
KCFN 91.1 FM Wichita, KS
KCHZ 95.7 FM Ottawa, KS
KCKS 95.3 FM Concordia, KS
KCVS 90.7 FM Salina, KS
KCVT 92.5 FM Silver Lake, KS
KCVW 94.3 FM Kingman, KS
KDVV 100.3 FM Topeka, KS
KEYN 103.7 FM Wichita, KS
KFDI 101.3 FM Wichita, KS
KFDI 1070 AM Wichita, KS
KFFX 104.9 FM Emporia, KS
KFH 1330 AM Wichita, KS
KFIX 96.9 FM Plainville, KS
KFKF 94.1 FM Kansas City, KS
KGNO 1370 AM Dodge City, KS
KHCA 95.3 FM Wamego, KS
KHCC 90.1 FM Hutchinson, KS (Hutchinson Community College)
KHCD 89.5 FM Salina, KS (Hutchinson Community College)
KHCT 90.9 FM Great Bend, KS (Hutchinson Community College)
KICT 95.1 FM Wichita, KS
KJCK 1420 AM Junction City, KS
KJCK 94.5 FM Junction City, KS
KJHK 90.7 FM Lawrence, KS (University of Kansas)
KJLS 103.3 FM Hays, KS
KJTY 88.1 FM Topeka, KS
KKCI 102.5 FM Goodland, KS
KKLO 1410 AM Leavenworth, KS
KKQY 101.9 FM Hill City, KS
KKRD 107.3 FM Wichita, KS
KKSU 580 AM Manhattan, KS (Kansas State University)
KLLS 104.5 FM Wichita, KS
KLOE 730 AM Goodland, KS
KLTH 99.7 FM Westwood, KS
KLZR 105.9 FM Lawrence, KS
KMAJ 107.7 FM Topeka, KS
KMAN 1350 AM Manhattan, KS
KMKF 101.5 FM Manhattan, KS
KMUW 89.1 FM Wichita, KS (Wichita State University)
KNCK 1390 AM Concordia, KS
KNSS 1240 AM Wichita, KS
KOEZ 92.3 FM Newton, KS
KOFO 1220 AM Ottawa, KS
KQAM 1480 AM Wichita, KS
KQLA 103.5 FM Ogden, KS
KQNS 95.5 FM Salina, KS
KRBB 97.9 FM Wichita, KS
KRBW 90.5 FM Ottawa, KS
KRPS 89.9 FM Pittsburg, KS (Pittsburg State University)
KRSL 990 AM Russell, KS
KRZZ 96.3 FM Wichita, KS
KSAJ 98.5 FM Abilene, KS
KSAL 1150 AM Salina, KS
KSDB 91.9 FM Manhattan, KS (Kansas State University)
KSEK 99.1 FM Girard, KS
KTLI 99.1 FM Wichita, KS
KTPK 106.9 FM Topeka, KS
KUDL 98.1 FM Kansas City, KS
KVCY 104.7 FM Fort Scott, KS
KVOE 101.7 FM Emporia, KS
KVOE 1400 AM Emporia, KS
KWIC 99.3 FM Topeka, KS
KWSJ 105.3 FM Wichita, KS
KXBZ 104.7 FM Manhattan, KS
KYEZ 93.7 FM Salina, KS
KYFW 88.3 FM Wichita, KS
KYQQ 106.5 FM Arkansas City, KS
KYUU 1470 AM Liberal, KS
KZBZ 104.9 FM Salina, KS
KZSN 102.1 FM Wichita, KS
KZZD 90.7 FM Wichita, KS
WIBW 97.3 FM Topeka, KS  



KAOK 1400 AM Lake Charles, LA
KAPI 88.3 FM Ruston, LA
KAPM 91.7 FM Alexandria, LA
KBIU 103.7 FM Lake Charles, LA
KBON 101.1 FM Mamou, LA
KBRH 1260 AM Baton Rouge, LA (Baton Rouge Magnet High School)
KCIL 107.5 FM Houma, LA
KDAQ 89.9 FM Shreveport, LA (Louisiana State University Shreveport)
KDBH 97.3 FM Natchitoches, LA
KDBS 1410 AM Alexandria, LA
KDYS 1520 AM Lafayette, LA
KEDM 90.3 FM Monroe, LA (Northeast Louisiana University)
KEEL 710 AM Shreveport, LA
KEUN 1490 AM Eunice, LA
KFAD 93.9 FM Alexandria, LA
KFXY 96.7 FM Morgan City, LA
KHFX 105.5 FM Alexandria, LA
KHLA 99.5 FM Lake Charles, LA
KHLL 100.9 FM Monroe, LA
KHOM 104.1 FM New Orleans, LA
KITT 93.7 FM Shreveport, LA
KJAE 92.7 FM Leesville, LA
KJJB 105.5 FM Eunice, LA
KJLO 104.1 FM Monroe, LA
KKGB 101.3 FM Sulphur, LA
KKND 106.7 FM New Orleans, LA
KKST 98.7 FM Alexandria, LA
KLIL 92.1 FM Moreauville, LA
KLIP 105.3 FM Monroe, LA
KLLA 1570 AM Leesville, LA
KLPI 89.1 FM Ruston, LA (Louisiana Tech)
KLSA 90.7 FM Alexandria, LA
KLSU 91.1 FM Baton Rouge, LA (Louisiana State University)
KMBS 1310 AM West Monroe, LA
KMJJ 99.7 FM Shreveport, LA
KMLB 1440 AM Monroe, LA
KMYY 106.1 FM Monroe, LA
KNLU 91.1 FM Monroe, LA
KNOC 1450 AM Natchitoches, LA
KNOE 101.9 FM Monroe, LA
KNWD 91.7 FM Natchitoches, LA (Northwestern State University)
KOJO 91.7 FM Lake Charles, LA
KORI 104.7 FM Mansfield, LA
KQID 93.1 FM Alexandria, LA
KQKI 95.3 FM Bayou Vista, LA
KRMD 101.1 FM Shreveport, LA
KROF 105.1 FM Abbeville, LA
KROF 960 AM Abbeville, LA
KROK 92.1 FM De Ridder, LA
KRRV 100.3 FM Alexandria, LA
KRUF 94.5 FM Shreveport, LA
KRVE 96.1 FM Baton Rouge, LA
KRVQ 102.1 FM Shreveport, LA
KRVS 88.7 FM Lafayette, LA (University of Southwestern Louisiana)
KRVV 100.1 FM Monroe, LA
KSBH 94.9 FM Natchitoches, LA
KSJY 90.9 FM Lafayette, LA
KSLU 90.9 FM Hammond, LA (Southeastern Louisiana University)
KSMB 94.5 FM Lafayette, LA
KSYR 95.7 FM Minden, LA
KTDY 99.9 FM Lafayette, LA
KTIB 640 AM Thibodaux, LA
KTUX 98.9 FM Shreveport, LA
KVOL 1330 AM Lafayette, LA
KVPI 1050 AM Ville Platte, LA
KVPI 92.5 FM Ville Platte, LA
KVVP 105.7 FM Leesville, LA
KWKH 1130 AM Shreveport, LA
KXKC 99.1 FM Lafayette, LA
KXKZ 107.5 FM Ruston, LA
KYFL 89.5 FM Monroe, LA
KYKZ 96.1 FM Lake Charles, LA
KZBL 95.9 FM Natchitoches, LA
KZMZ 96.9 FM Alexandria, LA
WADU 94.9 FM Reserve, LA
WBRH 90.3 FM Baton Rouge, LA (Baton Rouge Magnet High School)
WBSN 89.1 FM New Orleans, LA
WCKW 92.3 FM Laplace, LA
WDGL 98.1 FM Baton Rouge, LA
WEZB 97.1 FM New Orleans, LA
WFMF 102.5 FM Baton Rouge, LA
WHMD 107.1 FM Hammond, LA
WIBR 1300 AM Baton Rouge, LA
WJBO 1150 AM Baton Rouge, LA
WKJN 103.3 FM Baton Rouge, LA
WKSY 106.1 FM New Orleans, LA
WLMG 101.9 FM New Orleans, LA
WLNO 1060 AM New Orleans, LA
WNOE 101.1 FM New Orleans, LA
WQCK 92.7 FM Baton Rouge, LA
WRKF 89.3 FM Baton Rouge, LA
WRNO 99.5 FM New Orleans, LA
WSHO 800 AM New Orleans, LA
WSHO 800 AM New Orleans, LA
WTGE 107.3 FM Baton Rouge, LA
WTGG 96.5 FM Hammond, LA
WTIX 690 AM New Orleans, LA
WTKL 95.7 FM New Orleans, LA
WTUL 91.5 FM New Orleans, LA (Tulane University)
WWL 870 AM New Orleans, LA
WWNO 89.9 FM New Orleans, LA (University of New Orleans)
WWOZ 90.7 FM New Orleans, LA
WXCT 100.7 FM Baton Rouge, LA
WYLD 98.5 FM New Orleans, LA
WYNK 1380 AM Baton Rouge, LA






KADU 90.1 FM Hibbing, MN
KATE 1450 AM Albert Lea, MN
KAUS 1480 AM Austin, MN
KAUS 99.9 FM Austin, MN
KAXE 91.7 FM Grand Rapids, MN
KBEM 88.5 FM Minneapolis, MN (Minneapolis Public Schools)
KBHW 99.5 FM International Falls, MN
KBPR 90.7 FM Brainerd, MN
KBSB 89.7 FM Bemidji, MN (Bemidji State Univ)
KCCD 90.3 FM Moorhead, MN
KCCM 91.1 FM Moorhead, MN
KCFB 91.5 FM St. Cloud, MN
KCLD 104.7 FM St. Cloud, MN
KCPI 94.9 FM Albert Lea, MN
KCRB 88.5 FM Bemidji, MN
KDAG 96.9 FM Farmington, MN
KDAL 610 AM Duluth, MN
KDAL 95.7 FM Duluth, MN
KDHL 920 AM Faribault, MN
KDIZ 1440 AM Minneapolis, MN
KDNI 90.5 FM Duluth, MN (Northwestern )
KDNW 97.3 FM Duluth, MN
KDOG 96.7 FM Mankato, MN
KDOM 1580 AM Windom, MN
KDOM 94.3 FM Windom, MN
KDWA 1460 AM Hastings, MN
KDWB 101.3 FM Minneapolis, MN
KDXL 106.5 FM Saint Louis Park, MN (Saint Louis Park High School)
KEEY 102.1 FM Saint Paul, MN
KEEZ 99.1 FM Mankato, MN
KEGE 93.7 FM Minneapolis, MN
KFAI 90.3 FM Minneapolis, MN
KFAN 1130 AM Minneapolis, MN
KFGI 103.5 FM Brainerd, MN
KFMC 106.5 FM Fairmont, MN
KFML 94.1 FM Little Falls, MN
KGAC 90.5 FM Saint Peter, MN
KHME 101.1 FM Winona, MN
KITN 93.5 FM Worthington, MN
KJLY 104.5 FM Blue Earth, MN
KJNB 99.9 FMC Collegeville, MN (Saint John's University)
KKBJ 103.7 FM Bemidji, MN
KKBJ 1360 AM Bemidji, MN
KKCB 105.1 FM Duluth, MN
KKCM 1530 AM Shakopee, MN
KKCQ 107.1 FM Fosston, MN
KKJR 106.9 FM Dassel, MN
KKMQ 105.1 FM Minneapolis, MN
KKMS 980 AM Richfield, MN
KKOJ 1190 AM Jackson, MN
KKSR 96.7 FM Sartell, MN
KLBB 1400 AM Saint Paul, MN
KLDJ 101.7 FM Duluth, MN
KLIZ 107.5 FM Brainerd, MN
KLIZ 1380 AM Brainerd, MN
KLKS 104.3 FM Breezy Point, MN
KLLZ 99.1 FM Walker, MN
KLQL 101.1 FM Luverne, MN
KLSE 91.7 FM Rochester, MN
KLTF 960 AM Little Falls, MN
KLZZ 103.7 FM Waite Park, MN
KMFX 102.5 FM Lake City, MN
KMHL 1400 AM Marshall, MN
KMJZ 104.1 FM Minneapolis, MN
KMOJ 89.9 FM Minneapolis, MN
KMSE 88.7 FM Rochester, MN
KNBJ 91.3 FM Bemidji, MN
KNCM 88.5 FM Appleton, MN
KNGA 91.5 FM Saint Peter, MN
KNOW 91.1 FM Saint Paul, MN
KNSR 88.9 FM Collegeville, MN (Saint John's University)
KNSW 91.7 FM Worthington, MN
KNTN 102.7 FM Thief River Falls, MN
KOLM 1520 AM Rochester, MN
KOWO 1170 AM Waseca, MN
KOWZ 100.9 FM Blooming Prairie, MN
KQAD 800 AM Luverne, MN
KQAL 89.5 FM Winona, MN (Winona State University)
KQCL 95.9 FM Fairibault, MN
KQIC 102.5 FM Willmar, MN
KQMN 91.5 FM Thief River Falls, MN
KQPR 96.1 FM Albert Lea, MN
KQQL 107.9 FM Anoka, MN
KQRS 92.5 FM Minneapolis, MN
KRAQ 105.7 FM Jackson, MN
KRBI 105.5 FM Saint Peter, MN
KRBI 1310 AM Saint Peter, MN
KRCH 101.7 FM Rochester, MN
KRNR 88.5 FMC Mankato, MN (Mankato State University)
KROC 106.9 FM Rochester, MN
KROC 1340 AM Rochester, MN
KRSU 91.3 FM Appleton, MN
KRSW 89.3 FM Worthington, MN
KRUE 92.1 FM Waseca, MN
KSJN 99.5 FM Minneapolis, MN
KSJR 90.1 FM Collegeville, MN (Saint John's University)
KSTP 1500 AM St. Paul, MN
KSTP 94.5 FM Saint Paul, MN
KSUM 1370 AM Fairmont, MN
KTCZ 97.1 FM Minneapolis, MN
KTIG 102.7 FM Pequot Lakes, MN
KTIS 900 AM Minneapolis, MN (Northwestern College)
KTIS 98.5 FM Minneapolis, MN (Northwestern College)
KTOE 1420 AM Mankato, MN
KUMD 103.3 FM Duluth, MN (University of Minnesota Duluth)
KUMM 89.7 FM Morris, MN (University of Minnesota)
KUOM 770 AM Minneapolis, MN (University of Minnesota)
KUSZ 107.7 FM Proctor, MN
KVBR 1340 AM Brainerd, MN
KVOX 99.9 FM Moorhead, MN
KVSC 88.1 FM Saint Cloud, MN (Saint Cloud State University)
KWEB 1270 AM Rochester, MN
KWLM 1340 AM Willmar, MN
KWOA 730 AM Worthington, MN
KWWK 96.5 FM Rochester, MN
KXAC 100.5 FM Saint James, MN
KXLC 91.1 FM La Crescent, MN
KXLP 93.1 FM Mankato, MN
KXRA 1490 AM Alexandria, MN
KXRA 92.3 FM Alexandria, MN
KXXP 105.1 FM Lakeville, MN
KXXR 93.7 FM Minneapolis, MN
KXXU 105.3 FM Cambridge, MN
KYBA 105.3 FM Stewartville, MN
KYCR 1570 AM Golden Valley, MN
KYMN 1080 AM Northfield, MN
KYSM 103.5 FM Mankato, MN
KYSM 1230 AM Mankato, MN
KYTC 102.7 FM Albert Lea, MN
KZNR 105.1 FM Lakeville, MN
KZNT 105.3 FM Cambridge, MN
KZNZ 105.7 FM Eden Prarie, MN
KZSE 90.7 FM Rochester, MN
WBJI 98.3 FM Bemidji, MN
WCAL 89.3 FM Northfield, MN (St. Olaf College)
WCCO 830 AM Minneapolis, MN
WEBC 560 AM Duluth, MN
WEVE 97.9 FM Evelth, MN
WEZU 1220 AM Stillwater, MN
WHMH 101.7 FM Sauk Rapids, MN
WIRN 92.5 FM Buhl, MN
WIRR 90.9 FM VirginiaHibbing, MN
WLKX 95.9 FM Forest Lake, MN
WLOL 1470 AM Brooklyn Park, MN
WLTE 102.9 FM Minneapolis, MN
WMCN 91.7 FM St. Paul, MN (Macalester College)
WNCB 89.3 FM Duluth, MN
WREV 105.3 FM Cambridge, MN
WRQC 100.3 FM Minneapolis, MN
WSCD 92.9 FM Duluth, MN
WSCN 100.5 FM Cloquet, MN
WUSZ 99.9 FM Virginia, MN
WVOE 107.5 FM Roseville, MN
WWAX 92.1 FM Hermantown, MN
WWJC 850 AM Duluth, MN
WWRB 102.3 FM Good Thunder, MN
WYRQ 92.1 FM Little Falls, MN



KADI 99.5 FM Springfield, MO
KAHR 96.7 FM Poplar Bluff, MO
KAKU 90.1 FM Springfield, MO
KALM 1290 AM Thayer, MO
KATI 94.3 FM Jefferson City, MO
KAUF 89.9 FM Kennett, MO
KBEQ 104.3 FM Kansas City, MO
KBGM 91.1 FM Park Hills, MO
KBIA 91.3 FM Columbia, MO (Univ. of Missouri)
KBMV 1310 AM Birch Tree, MO
KBNN 750 AM Lebanon, MO
KBXR 106.1 FM Ashland, MO
KCFX 101.1 FM Kansas City, MO
KCHI 1010 AM Chillicothe, MO
KCHI 103.9 FM Chillicothe, MO
KCLC 89.1 FM St. Charles, MO (Lindenwood Univ.)
KCMO 710 AM Kansas City, MO
KCMO 94.9 FM Kansas City, MO
KCMQ 96.7 FM Columbia, MO
KCOU 88.1 FM Columbia, MO (University of Missouri)
KCUR 89.3 FM Kansas City, MO (University of Missouri Kansas City)
KCVO 91.7 FM Camdenton, MO
KCXL 1140 AM Liberty, MO
KDBB 104.3 FM Bonne Terre, MO
KDEX 102.3 FM Dexter, MO
KDEX 1590 AM Dexter, MO
KDHX 88.1 FM Saint Louis, MO
KDKD 95.3 FM Clinton, MO
KDLX 106.7 FM Maryville, MO
KDRO 1490 AM Sedalia, MO
KELE 1360 AM Mountain Grove, MO
KESM 105.5 FM El Dorado Springs, MO
KESM 1580 AM El Dorado Springs, MO
KEXS 1090 AM Excelsoir Springs, MO
KEZK 102.5 FM Saint Louis, MO
KFAL 900 AM Fulton, MO
KFAV 99.9 FM Warrenton, MO
KFMO 1240 AM Park Hills, MO
KFMZ 98.3 FM Columbia, MO
KFRU 1400 AM Columbia, MO
KFUO 850 AM Saint Louis, MO
KFUO 99.1 FM Saint Louis, MO
KGBX 105.9 FM Springfield, MO
KGMO 100.7 FM Cape Girardeau, MO
KGMY 100.5 FM Springfield, MO
KHTO 106.7 FM Springfield, MO
KIHT 96.3 FM St. Louis, MO
KJEL 103.7 FM Lebanon, MO
KJMO 100.1 FM Jefferson City, MO
KKBL 95.9 FM Monett, MO
KKCA 100.5 FM Fulton, MO
KKDY 102.5 FM West Plains, MO
KKLH 104.7 FM Marshfield, MO
KLID 1340 AM Poplar Bluff, MO
KLIK 950 AM Jefferson City, MO
KLJC 88.5 FM Kansas City, MO (Calvary Bible College)
KLOZ 92.7 FM Jefferson City, MO
KLPW 101.7 FM Union, MO
KLPW 1220 AM Union, MO
KLRQ 96.1 FM Clinton, MO
KLTE 107.9 FM Kirksville, MO
KLYC 106.1 FM Maryville, MO
KMAL 92.9 FM Malden, MO
KMBZ 980 AM Kansas City, MO
KMNR 89.7 FM Rolla, MO (University of Missouri)
KMOX 1120 AM Saint Louis, MO
KMXV 93.3 FM Kansas City, MO
KNRX 107.3 FM Lexington, MO
KOBC 90.7 FM Joplin, MO
KOMC 1220 AM Branson, MO
KOPN 89.5 FM Columbia, MO
KOQL 106.1 FM Ashland, MO
KOSP 105.1 FM Springfield, MO
KOZN 102.1 FM Kansas City, MO
KOZO 89.7 FM Branson, MO
KPLA 101.5 FM Columbia, MO
KPNT 105.7 FM Sainte Genevieve, MO
KPRS 103.3 FM Kansas City, MO
KPRT 1590 AM Kansas City, MO
KPWB 1140 AM Piedmont, MO
KQRC 98.9 FM Kansas City, MO
KRMO 990 AM Cassville, MO
KRMS 1150 AM Osage Beach, MO
KRMS 93.5 FM Osage Beach, MO
KRNW 88.9 FM Chillicothe, MO
KRZK 106.3 FM Branson, MO
KSD 93.7 FM Saint Louis, MO
KSDL 92.1 FM Sedalia, MO
KSHE 94.7 FM St. Louis, MO
KSIS 1050 AM Sedalia, MO
KSIV 1320 AM Saint Louis, MO
KSIV 91.5 FM Saint Louis, MO
KSLQ 104.5 FM Washington, MO
KSLQ 1350 AM Washington, MO
KSLZ 107.7 FM Saint Louis, MO
KSMU 91.1 FM Springfield, MO (SW. Missouri State University)
KSPQ 93.9 FM West Plains, MO
KTKS 95.1 FM Versailles, MO
KTLQ 96.5 FM Springfield, MO
KTOZ 95.5 FM Springfield, MO
KTRS 550 AM Saint Louis, MO
KTTN 92.3 FM Trenton, MO
KTTR 1490 AM Rolla, MO
KTTS 1260 AM Springfield, MO
KTTS 94.7 FM Springfield, MO
KTUI 100.9 FM Sullivan, MO
KTUI 1560 AM Sullivan, MO
KTXR 101.3 FM Springfield, MO (SW Missouri State University)
KTXY 106.9 FM Jefferson City, MO
KUKU 100.3 FM Willow Springs, MO
KUMR 88.5 FM Rolla, MO (University of Missouri)
KWAO 90.1 FM Saint Peters, MO
KWFC 89.1 FM Springfield, MO
KWJC 91.9 FM Liberty, MO (William Jewell College)
KWKZ 106.1 FM Cape Girardeau, MO
KWMU 90.7 FM St. Louis, MO (University of Missouri St. Louis)
KWND 88.3 FM Springfield, MO
KWOC 930 AM Poplar Bluff, MO
KWOS 1240 AM Jefferson City, MO
KWPM 1450 AM West Plains, MO
KWRE 730 AM Warrenton, MO
KWUR 90.3 FM Saint Louis, MO (Washington University)
KWWR 95.7 FM Mexico, MO
KXCV 90.5 FM Maryville, MO
KXEO 1340 AM Mexico, MO
KXKX 105.7 FM Knob Noster, MO
KXMS 88.7 FM Joplin, MO (Missouri Southern State College)
KXOK 97.1 FM St. Louis, MO
KXTR 96.5 FM Kansas City, MO
KXUS 97.3 FM Springfield, MO
KYKY 98.1 FM Saint Louis, MO
KYRO 1280 AM Potosi, MO
KYYS 99.7 FM Kansas city, MO
KZNN 105.3 FM Rolla, MO
KZZT 105.5 FM Moberly, MO
WDAF 610 AM Kansas City, MO
WFUN 95.5 FM St. Louis, MO
WGNU 920 AM St. Louis, MO
WIL 92.3 FM St. Louis, MO
WIMJ 104.9 FM St Louis, MO
WKKX 106.5 FM St. Louis, MO
WRTH 1430 AM St. Louis, MO
WXTM 104.1 FM St. Louis, MO



KAMI 104.5 FM Cozad, NE
KAYA 91.3 FM Hubbard, NE
KBRX 102.9 FM O'Neill, NE
KBRX 1350 AM O'Neill, NE
KCNE 91.9 FM Chadron, NE (University of Nebraska)
KCRO 660 AM Omaha, NE
KEFM 96.1 FM Omaha, NE
KELN 97.1 FM North Platte, NE
KESY 97.7 FM Nebraska City, NE
KEXL 106.7 FM Norfolk, NE
KEZG 107.3 FM Lincoln, NE
KEZO 92.3 FM Omaha, NE
KFAB 1110 AM Omaha, NE
KFGE 98.1 FM Lincoln, NE
KFOR 1240 AM Lincoln, NE
KFRX 102.7 FM Lincoln, NE
KGBI 100.7 FM Omaha, NE (Grace University)
KGFW 1340 AM Kearney, NE (University of Nebraska)
KGOR 99.9 FM Omaha, NE
KHNE 89.1 FM Hastings, NE (University of Nebraska)
KIBZ 106.3 FM Lincoln, NE
KINI 96.1 FM Crookston, NE
KIOS 91.5 FM Omaha, NE
KJLT 94.9 FM North Platte, NE
KJLT 970 AM North Platte, NE
KJSK 900 AM Columbus, NE
KKAR 1290 AM Omaha, NE
KKNB 104.1 FM Lincoln, NE
KKPR 1460 AM Kearney, NE
KKPR 98.9 FM Kearney, NE
KKUL 105.3 FM Lincoln, NE
KLCV 88.5 FM Lincoln, NE
KLIN 1400 AM Lincoln, NE
KLIR 101.1 FM Columbus, NE
KLMS 1480 AM Lincoln, NE
KLNE 88.7 FM Lexington, NE (University of Nebraska)
KMNE 90.3 FM Bassett, NE
KNEN 94.7 FM Norfolk, NE
KPNE 91.7 FM North Platte, NE (University of Nebraska)
KQKQ 98.5 FM Omaha, NE
KQKY 105.9 FM Kearney, NE
KRGI 96.5 FM Grand Island, NE
KRKR 95.1 FM Lincoln, NE
KRNE 91.5 FM Merriman, NE (University of Nebraska)
KRNU 90.3 FM Lincoln, NE
KROA 95.7 FM Grand Island, NE (Grace University)
KROR 101.5 FM Hastings, NE
KRVN 880 AM Lexington, NE
KSRZ 104.5 FM Omaha, NE
KTCH 104.9 FM Wayne, NE
KTGL 92.9 FM Beatrice, NE
KTIC 840 AM West Point, NE
KTNE 91.1 FM Alliance, NE (University of Nebraska)
KTNP 93.3 FM Bennington, NE
KUCV 90.9 FM Lincoln, NE (University of Nebraska)
KVNO 90.7 FM Omaha, NE (University of Nebraska Omaha)
KWBE 1450 AM Beatrice, NE
KWSC 91.9 FM Wayne, NE (Wayne State College)
KXKT 103.7 FM Omaha, NE
KXNE 89.3 FM Norfolk, NE (University of Nebraska)
KZFX 101.9 FM Lincoln, NE
KZKX 96.9 FM Seward, NE
KZUM 89.3 FM Lincoln, NE
WJAG 7 80 AM Norfolk, NE
WOW 590 AM Omaha, NE
WOW 94.1 FM Omaha, NE



KBMR 1130 AM Bismarck, ND
KCND 90.5 FM Bismarck, ND
KCNN 1590 AM Grand Forks, ND
KDPR 89.9 FM Dickinson, ND
KDSU 91.9 FM Fargo, ND (North Dakota State Univ.)
KEYZ 660 AM Williston, ND
KFGO 790 AM Fargo, ND
KFJM 1370 AM Grand Forks, ND
KFJM 90.7 FM Grand Forks, ND (University of North Dakota)
KFJY 90.7 FM Grand Forks, ND (University of North Dakota)
KFNW 1200 AM West Fargo, ND (Northwestern College)
KFNW 97.9 FM Fargo, ND (Northwestern College)
KFYR 550 AM Bismarck, ND
KKXL 92.9 FM Grand Forks, ND
KLTA 105.1 FM Fargo, ND
KMAV 105.5 FM Mayville, ND
KMAV 1520 AM Mayville, ND
KMPR 88.9 FM Minot, ND
KPFX 107.9 FM Fargo, ND
KPPR 89.5 FM Williston, ND
KPRJ 91.5 FM Jamestown, ND
KQDY 94.5 FM Bismarck, ND
KQLX 106.1 FM Lisbon, ND
KQLX 890 AM Lisbon, ND
KQWB 1550 AM West Fargo, ND
KQWB 98.7 FM Fargo, ND
KSJB 600 AM Jamestown, ND
KSJB 600 AM Jamestown, ND
KSSS 101.5 FM Bismarck, ND
KUND 1370 AM Grand Forks, ND
KUND 89.3 FM Grand Forks, ND (Univ. of North Dakota)
KYYZ 96.1 FM Williston, ND
WDAY 93.7 FM Fargo, ND



KRU 88.7 FM Columbus, OH
WAKR 1590 AM Akron, OH
WAKW 93.3 FM Cincinnati, OH
WANR 1570 AM Warren, OH
WAPS 91.3 FM Akron, OH (Akron Schools)
WAQZ 107.1 FM Milford, OH
WASN 1330 AM Youngstown, OH
WATH 970 AM Athens, OH
WATJ 1560 AM Chardon, OH
WBBG 93.3 FM Youngstown, OH
WBCJ 88.1 FM Spencerville, OH (Taylor University)
WBCY 89.5 FM Archbold, OH (Taylor University)
WBEX 1490 AM Chillicothe, OH
WBGU 88.1 FM Bowling Green, OH (Bowling Green State Univ.)
WBKC 1460 AM Painesville, OH
WBLL 1390 AM Bellefontaine, OH
WBNS 1460 AM Columbus, OH
WBNS 97.1 FM Columbus, OH
WBNV 93.1 FM Barnesville, OH
WBOB 1160 AM Cincinnati, OH
WBTT 94.5 FM Dayton, OH
WBUK 107.5 FM Ft. Shawnee, OH
WBUZ 106.5 FM Delta, OH
WBVB 97.1 FM Coal Grove, OH
WBVI 96.7 FM Findlay, OH
WBZX 99.7 FM Columbus, OH
WCBE 90.5 FM Columbus, OH (Columbus Board of Education)
WCDR 90.3 FM Cedarville, OH (Cedarville College)
WCHO 105.5 FM Washington Court House, OH
WCLR 95.7 FM Dayton, OH
WCLT 100.3 FM Newark, OH
WCLT 1430 AM Newark, OH
WCLV 95.5 FM Cleveland, OH
WCMJ 96.1 FM Cambridge, OH
WCOL 92.3 FM Columbus, OH
WCRF 103.3 FM Cleveland, OH
WCSB 89.3 FM Cleveland, OH (Cleveland State University)
WCUE 1150 AM Cuyahoga Falls, OH
WCVO 104.9 FM Gahanna, OH
WCWS 90.9 FM Wooster, OH (College of Wooster)
WDCR 1550 AM Dayton, OH (University of Dayton)
WDFM 98.1 FM Defiance, OH
WDLW 1380 AM Cleveland, OH
WDOK 102.1 FM Cleveland, OH
WDPN 1310 AM Alliance, OH
WEBN 102.7 FM Cincinnati, OH
WELA 104.3 FM East Liverpool, OH
WELW 1330 AM Cleveland, OH
WENZ 107.9 FM Cleveland, OH
WFAL 680 AM Bowling Green, OH (Bowling Green State University)
WFCJ 93.7 FM Miamisburg, OH
WFII 1230 AM Columbus, OH
WFIN 1330 AM Findlay, OH
WFOB 1430 AM Fostoria, OH
WFUN 970 AM Ashtabula, OH
WGAR 99.5 FM Cleveland, OH
WGBE 90.9 FM Bryan, OH
WGLE 90.7 FM Lima, OH
WGNZ 1110 AM Fairborn, OH
WGRR 103.5 FM Cincinnati, OH
WGTE 91.3 FM Toledo, OH
WGTZ 92.9 FM Dayton, OH
WGUC 90.9 FM Cincinnati, OH
WGXM 99.5 FM Dayton, OH (University of Dayton)
WHBC 1480 AM Canton, OH
WHBC 94.1 FM Canton, OH
WHIO 1290 AM Dayton, OH
WHKO 99.1 FM Dayton, OH
WHOK 95.5 FM Columbus, OH
WHOT 101.1 FM Youngstown, OH
WHVT 90.5 FM Clyde, OH
WIBL 105.5 FM Hamilton, OH
WICT 95.1 FM Youngstown, OH
WILE 1270 AM Cambridge, OH
WILE 99.7 FM Cambridge, OH
WIMA 1150 AM Lima, OH
WIMT 102.1 FM Lima, OH
WING 102.9 FM Springfield, OH
WING 1410 AM Dayton, OH
WIOI 1010 AM Portsmouth, OH
WIOT 104.7 FM Toledo, OH
WJER 101.7 FM Dover, OH
WJER 1450 AM Dover, OH
WJRY 104.9 FM Sycamore, OH
WJUC 107.3 FM Swanton, OH
WJZA 103.5 FM Lancaster, OH
WJZE 97.3 FM Oak Harbor, OH
WKBN 570 AM Youngstown, OH
WKBN 98.9 FM Youngstown, OH
WKDD 96.5 FM Akron, OH
WKET 98.3 FM Dayton, OH
WKKI 94.3 FM Celina, OH
WKKJ 93.3 FM Chillicothe, OH
WKKY 104.7 FM Geneva, OH
WKRC 550 AM Cincinnati, OH
WKSD 1220 AM Van Wert, OH
WKSD 99.7 FM Paulding, OH
WKSU 89.7 FM Kent, OH (Kent State Universtiy)
WKSW 101.7 FM Springfield, OH
WKTN 95.3 FM Kenton, OH
WKTX 830 AM Cortland, OH
WKXA 100.5 FM Findlay, OH
WLFC 88.3 FM Findlay, OH (Univ. of Findlay)
WLGN 1510 AM Logan, OH
WLGN 98.3 FM Logan, OH
WLHD 100.7 FM Athens, OH (Ohio University)
WLOH 1320 AM Lancaster, OH
WLQT 99.9 FM Dayton, OH
WLVQ 96.3 FM Columbus, OH
WLW 700 AM Cincinnati, OH
WLYR 107.9 FM Delaware, OH
WMAN 1400 AM Mansfield, OH
WMIH 1260 AM Cleveland, OH
WMJI 105.7 FM Cleveland, OH
WMLX 103.3 FM St. Marys, OH
WMMS 100.7 FM Cleveland, OH
WMMX 107.7 FM Dayton, OH
WMRN 106.9 FM Marion, OH
WMRN 1490 AM Marion, OH
WMSR 89.1 FM Oxford, OH (Miami University)
WNCD 106.1 FM Niles, OH
WNCI 97.9 FM Columbus, OH
WNCX 98.5 FM Cleveland, OH
WNDH 103.1 FM Napolean, OH
WNKO 101.7 FM Newark, OH
WNLT 104.3 FM Harrison, OH
WNPQ 95.9 FM Canton, OH
WNRR 92.1 FM Bellvue, OH
WNWV 107.3 FM Elyria, OH
WNXT 1260 AM Portsmouth, OH
WNXT 99.3 FM Portsmouth, OH
WOBC 91.5 FM Oberlin, OH (Oberlin College)
WOHC 90.1 FM Chillicothe, OH (Cedarville College)
WOHO 750 AM Columbus, OH
WOHP 88.3 FM Portsmouth, OH (Cedarville College)
WOMP 100.5 FM Bellaire, OH
WONB 94.9 FM Ada, OH
WONE 97.5 FM Akron, OH
WONE 980 AM Dayton, OH
WONW 1280 AM Defiance, OH
WOS 91.1 FM Columbus, OH (Ohio State Univ.)
WOTL 90.3 FM Toledo, OH
WOUB 1340 AM Athens, OH (Ohio University)
WOUB 91.3 FM Athens, OH (Ohio University)
WOUC 89.1 FM Cambridge, OH (Ohio University)
WOUH 91.9 FM Chillicothe, OH (Ohio University)
WOUL 89.1 FM Ironton, OH (Ohio University)
WOUZ 90.1 FM Zanesville, OH (Ohio University)
WOXY 97.7 FM Oxford, OH
WPAY 104.1 FM Portsmouth, OH
WPAY 1400 AM Portsmouth, OH
WPKO 98.3 FM Bellefontaine, OH
WQAL 104.1 FM Cleveland, OH
WQMX 94.9 FM Akron, OH
WQRP 89.5 FM Dayton, OH
WQTL 106.3 FM Findlay, OH
WQXK 105.1 FM Salem, OH
WREO 97.1 FM Ashtabula, OH
WRKY 103.5 FM Steubenville, OH
WRMU 91.1 FM Alliance, OH (Mount Union College)
WRQK 106.9 FM Canton, OH
WRRO 1440 AM Warren, OH
WRUW 91.1 FM Cleveland, OH (Case Western Reserve)
WRVF 101.5 FM Toledo, OH
WSPD 1370 AM Toledo, OH
WSRW 106.7 FM Hillsboro, OH
WSRW 1590 AM Hillsboro, OH
WSTB 88.9 FM Streetsboro, OH (Streetsboro High School)
WSTV 1340 AM Steubenville, OH
WSWR 100.1 FM Shelby, OH
WTAM 1100 AM Cleveland, OH (Baldwin Wallace)
WTIG 990 AM Canton, OH
WTSJ 1050 AM Cincinnati, OH
WTUE 104.7 FM Dayton, OH
WTUZ 99.9 FM New Philadelphia, OH
WTVN 610 AM Columbus, OH
WUFM 88.7 FM Columbus, OH
WVAE 94.9 FM Cincinnati, OH
WVKS 92.5 FM Toledo, OH
WVMS 89.5 FM Sandusky, OH
WVMX 94.1 FM Cincinnati, OH
WVXC 89.3 FM Chillicothe, OH (Xavier University)
WVXG 95.1 FM Mount Gilead, OH (Xavier University)
WVXU 91.7 FM Cincinnati, OH (Xavier University)
WVXW 89.5 FM West Union, OH (Xavier University)
WWCD 101.1 FM Grove City, OH
WWKC 104.9 FM Cambridge, OH
WWMK 1260 AM Cleveland, OH
WWWM 105.5 FM Sylvania, OH
WXEG 103.9 FM Beavercreek, OH
WXIC 6 60 AM Waverly, OH
WXIZ 100.9 FM Waverly, OH
WXKR 94.5 FM Port Clinton, OH
WXST 107.9 FM Columbus, OH
WXTQ 105.1 FM Athens, OH
WYHT 105.3 FM Mansfield, OH
WYLI 910 AM Marietta, OH
WYLX 97.3 FM Cincinnati, OH
WYSA 88.5 FM Wauseon, OH
WYSO 91.3 FM Yellow Springs, OH (Antioch University)
WYSU 88.5 FM Youngstown, OH (Youngstown State Univ.)
WYTN 91.7 FM Youngstown, OH
WZAK 93.1 FM Cleveland, OH
WZIO 94.9 FM South Webster, OH
WZIP 88.1 FM Akron, OH (Univ. of Akron)
WZJM 92.3 FM Cleveland, OH
WZJZ 104.3 FM Columbus, OH
WZKL 92.5 FM Canton, OH
WZLE 104.9 FM Lorain, OH
WZLR 95.3 FM Dayton, OH
WZOM 105.7 FM Defiance, OH
WZOO 102.5 FM Ashtabula, OH




KADA 1230 AM Ada, OK
KADA 99.3 FM Ada, OK
KAKC 1300 AM Tulsa, OK
KARG 91.7 FM Poteau, OK
KATT 100.5 FM Oklahoma City, OK
KBEZ 92.9 FM Tulsa, OK
KCCU 89.3 FM Lawton, OK (Cameron University)
KCFM 94.1 FM Tulsa, OK
KCFO 970 AM Tulsa, OK
KCKI 99.5 FM Tulsa, OK
KCRC 1390 AM Enid, OK
KCSC 90.1 FM Edmond, OK (Univ. of Central Oklahoma)
KEOK 101.7 FM Tahlequah, OK
KEYB 107.9 FM Altus, OK
KFXI 92.1 FM Lawton, OK
KGFY 105.5 FM Stillwater, OK
KGOU 106.3 FM Norman, OK (University of Oklahoma)
KGWA 960 AM Enid, OK
KGYN 1210 AM Guymon, OK
KHIM 97.7 FM Mangum, OK
KHTT 106.9 FM Muskogee, OK
KICM 93.7 FM Ardmore, OK
KIXR 100.1 FM Ponca City, OK
KJMM 105.3 FM Tulsa, OK
KJMZ 98.1 FM Lawton, OK
KJYO 102.7 FM Oklahoma City, OK
KKAJ 95.7 FM Ardmore, OK
KKBS 92.7 FM Guymon, OK
KKEN 102.3 FM Duncan, OK
KKNG 93.3 FM Newcastle, OK
KKRX 1050 AM Lawton, OK
KKVO 90.9 FM Altus, OK
KLAW 101.5 FM Lawton, OK
KLBC 107.1 FM Durant, OK
KLBC 107.1 FM Durant, OK
KLVV 88.7 FM Ponca City, OK
KMGL 104.1 FM Oklahoma City, OK
KMGZ 95.3 FM Lawton, OK
KMOD 97.5 FM Tulsa, OK
KMRX 101.5 FM Tulsa, OK
KMSI 88.1 FM Moore, OK
KMYZ 104.5 FM Tulsa, OK
KNID 96.9 FM Enid, OK
KNTL 104.9 FM Bethany, OK
KNYD 90.5 FM Broken Arrow, OK
KOCC 88.9 FM Oklahoma City, OK (Oklahoma Christian Univ.)
KOFM 103.1 FM Enid, OK
KOKF 90.9 FM Edmond, OK
KOKL 1240 AM Okmulgee, OK
KOMA 1520 AM Oklahoma City, OK
KOMA 92.5 FM Oklahoma City, OK
KORU 103.9 FM Tulsa, OK (Oral Roberts Univ.)
KOSU 91.7 FM Stillwater, OK (Oklahoma State University)
KPNC 100.9 FM Ponca City, OK
KQLL 106.1 FM Owasso, OK
KQLL 1430 AM Owasso, OK
KQTZ 105.9 FM Hobart, OK
KRIG 104.9 FM Nowata, OK
KRKZ 93.5 FM Altus, OK
KROU 105.7 FM Spencer, OK (University of Oklahoma)
KRPT 103.7 FM Anadarko, OK
KRSC 91.3 FM Claremore, OK (Rogers State University)
KRXO 107.7 FM Oklahoma City, OK
KSEO 750 AM Durant, OK
KSYE 91.5 FM Frederick, OK
KTFR 100.7 FM Chelsa, OK
KTFX 102.3 FM Sand Springs, OK
KTJS 1420 AM Hobart, OK
KTLQ 1350 AM Tahlequah, OK
KTLS 106.5 FM Ada, OK
KTNT 97.9 FM Oklahoma City, OK
KTOK 1000 AM Oklahoma City, OK
KTRT 1270 AM Claremore, OK
KTSH 99.7 FM Ada, OK
KTST 101.9 FM Oklahoma City, OK
KTUZ 105.5 FM Chickasha, OK
KVOO 1170 AM Tulsa, OK
KVOO 98.5 FM Tulsa, OK
KVSO 1240 AM Ardmore, OK
KVSP 1140 AM Oklahoma City, OK
KWGS 89.5 FM Tulsa, OK (University of Tulsa)
KWHW 1450 AM Altus, OK
KXLS 99.7 FM Enid, OK
KXOJ 100.9 FM Tulsa, OK
KXXY 96.1 FM Oklahoma City, OK
KYIS 98.9 FM Oklahoma City, OK
KYJO 102.7 FM Oklahoma City, OK
KYLV 88.9 FM Oklahoma City, OK
KYNZ 106.7 FM Ardmore, OK
KZBB 97.9 FM Poteau, OK
KZCD 94.1 FM Lawton, OK
WBBZ 1230 AM Ponca City, OK
WKY 930 AM Oklahoma City, OK
WWLS 640 AM Norman, OK



KAOR 91.1 FM Vermillion, SD (University of South Dakota)
KAUR 89.1 FM Sioux Falls, SD (Augustana College)
KBFS 1450 AM Belle Fourche, SD
KBHE 89.3 FM Rapid City, SD
KBRK 1430 AM Brookings, SD
KBRK 93.7 FM Brookings, SD
KDSD 90.9 FM Pierpont, SD
KELO 1320 AM Sioux Falls, SD
KELO 92.5 FM Sioux Falls, SD
KESD 88.3 FM Brookings, SD
KFXS 100.3 FM Rapid City, SD
KGGK 98.3 FM Wessington Springs, SD
KIKN 100.5 FM Salem, SD
KJAM 103.1 FM Madison, SD
KJAM 1390 AM Madison, SD
KJJQ 910 AM Volga, SD
KKLS 104.7 FM Sioux Falls, SD
KKMK 93.9 FM Rapid City, SD
KKQQ 102.3 FM Volga, SD
KLMP 97.9 FM Rapid City, SD
KMIT 105.9 FM Mitchell, SD
KNWC 1270 AM Sioux Falls, SD (Northwestern College)
KNWC 96.5 FM Sioux Falls, SD (Northwestern College)
KOKK 1210 AM Huron, SD
KOLY 99.5 FM Mobridge, SD
KOSZ 1570 AM Vermillion, SD
KOUT 98.7 FM Rapid City, SD
KPSD 97.1 FM Faith, SD
KQSD 91.9 FM Lowry, SD
KRRO 103.7 FM Sioux Falls, SD
KRSD 88.1 FM Sioux Falls, SD
KSDR 1480 AM Watertown, SD
KSDR 92.9 FM Watertown, SD
KSFS 1520 AM Sioux Falls, SD
KSLT 107.3 FM Spearfish, SD
KSOB 95.7 FM Del Rapids, SD
KTEQ 91.3 FM Rapid City, SD (S.D. School of Mines & Tech.)
KTSD 91.1 FM Reliance, SD
KTWB 101.9 FM Sioux Falls, SD
KUSD 89.7 FM Vermillion, SD
KVCX 101.5 FM Gregory, SD
KVHT 106.3 FM Vermillion, SD
KWSN 1230 AM Sioux Falls, SD
KXRB 1000 AM Sioux Falls, SD
KZSD 102.5 FM Martin, SD
WNAX 570 AM Yankton, SD



KACU 89.7 FM Abilene, TX (Abilene Christian Univ.)
KACV 89.9 FM Amarillo, TX (Amarillo College)
KAFX 95.5 FM Diboll, TX
KAGG 96.1 FM Bryan, TX
KAHK 107.7 FM Austin, TX
KAJA 97.3 FM San Antonio, TX
KALK 97.7 FM Mt. Pleasant, TX
KAMG 1340 AM Victoria, TX
KAML 990 AM Kenedy, TX
KAMU 90.9 FM College Station, TX (Texas A&M Univ.)
KAMX 94.7 FM Austin, TX
KAMY 90.1 FM Lubbock, TX
KANM 99.9 FM College Station, TX (Texas A&M Univ.)
KAQD 91.3 FM Abilene, TX
KASE 100.7 FM Austin, TX
KATH 94.7 FM El Paso, TX
KAVO 91.5 FM Borger, TX
KAVW 90.7 FM Amarillo, TX
KAYD 1450 AM Beaumont, TX
KAYD 97.5 FM Beaumont, TX
KBAB 88.7 FM Kerrville, TX  
KBAT 93.3 FM Midland, TX
KBBW 1010 AM Waco, TX
KBCT 94.5 FM Waco, TX
KBCY 99.7 FM Abilene, TX
KBDR 100.5 FM Mirando City, TX
KBEC 1390 AM Waxahachie, TX
KBFB 97.9 FM Dallas, TX
KBNJ 91.7 FM Corpus Christi, TX
KBOP 1380 AM Pleasanton, TX
KBRQ 102.5 FM Waco, TX
KBRZ 1460 AM Freeport, TX
KBST 1490 AM Big Spring, TX
KBTE 102.3 FM Corpus Christi, TX
KBUC 98.3 FM Pleasanton, TX
KBXX 97.9 FM Houston, TX  
KBZD 99.7 FM Amarillo, TX
KCBI 90.9 FM Dallas, TX (Criswell College)  
KCCG 107.3 FM Corpus Christi, TX
KCDD 103.7 FM Abilene, TX
KCHX 106.7 FM Midland, TX
KCJZ 106.7 FM San Antonio, TX
KCKL 95.9 FM Malakoff, TX
KCKR 95.7 FM Waco, TX
KCRM 99.5 FM Lubbock, TX
KCRN 1340 AM San Angelo, TX
KCRN 93.9 FM San Angelo, TX
KCWM 1460 AM Hondo, TX
KCWS 102.7 FM Abilene, TX
KCYY 100.3 FM San Antonio, TX
KDAE 1590 AM Sinton, TX
KDAV 1590 AM Lubbock, TX
KDGE 94.5 FM Gainesville, TX
KDKR 91.3 FM Decatur, TX
KDXE 95.9 FM Sulphur Springs, TX
KEAN 105.1 FM Abilene, TX
KEDT 90.3 FM Corpus Christi, TX
KEEP 98.3 FM Bandera, TX  
KEGL 97.1 FM Fort Worth, TX
KELP 1590 AM El Paso, TX
KENR 1070 AM Houston, TX
KENS 1160 AM San Antonio, TX
KENT 90.5 FM Odessa, TX
KENT 920 AM Odessa, TX
KEOM 88.5 FM Mesquite, TX (Mesquite Independent Schools)
KEOS 89.1 FM College Station, TX
KERA 90.1 FM Dallas, TX
KERV 1230 AM Kerrville, TX
KESO 92.7 FM South Padre Island, TX
KEWL 95.1 FM Texarkana, TX
KEYI 103.5 FM Austin, TX
KEYJ 107.9 FM Abilene, TX
KFAN 107.9 FM Johnson City, TX  
KFGG 88.7 FM Corpus Christi, TX
KFMX 94.5 FM Lubbock, TX
KFON 1490 AM Austin, TX
KFQX 102.7 FM Abilene, TX
KFRO 1370 AM Longview, TX
KFRO 95.3 FM Gilmer, TX
KFRQ 94.5 FM Brownsville, TX
KFTX 97.5 FM Kingsville, TX
KFYO 790 AM Lubbock, TX
KGAF 1580 AM Gainesville, TX
KGAP 98.5 FM Clarksville, TX
 KGBT 1530 AM Harlingen, TX
KGBT 98.5 FM McAllen, TX
KGEE 99.9 FM Odessa, TX
KGLF 1510 AM Robstown, TX
KGLY 91.3 FM Tyler, TX
KGNC 710 AM Amarillo, TX
KGNC 97.9 FM Amarillo, TX
KGNZ 88.1 FM Abilene, TX
KGOL 1180 AM Humble, TX
KGRW 104.3 FM Amarillo, TX
KGSR 107.1 FM Austin, TX
KHCB 105.7 FM Houston, TX
KHEY 690 AM El Paso, TX
KHEY 96.3 FM El Paso, TX
KHFI 96.7 FM Georgetown, TX
KHID 88.1 FM McAllen, TX
KHKS 106.1 FM Dallas, TX
KHLB 106.9 FM Marble Falls, TX
KHLB 1340 AM Marble Falls, TX
KHLR 103.9 FM Bryan, TX
KHMX 96.5 FM Houston, TX
KHOY 88.1 FM Laredo, TX
KHYI 95.3 FM Plano, TX  
KIIZ 92.3 FM Killeen, TX
KIKK 650 AM Houston, TX
KIKK 95.7 FM Houston, TX
KIKY 92.1 FM Austin, TX
KILT 100.3 FM Houston, TX
KILT 610 AM Houston, TX
KIND 105.9 FM San Marcos, TX
KIOC 106.1 FM Beaumont, TX  
KIOX 96.9 FM El Campo, TX
KISS 99.5 FM San Antonio, TX
KITE 92.3 FM Kerrville, TX
KIVY 1290 AM Crockett, TX
KIVY 92.7 FM Crockett, TX
KIWW 96.1 FM Brownsville, TX
KIXC 100.9 FM Quanah, TX
KIXL 970 AM Austin, TX
KJAK 92.7 FM Lubbock, TX
KJCE 1370 AM Rollingwood, TX
KJCR 88.3 FM Keene, TX (Southwestern Adventist Univ.)
KJCS 103.3 FM Nacogdoches, TX
KJFK 98.9 FM Austin, TX
KJOJ 103.3 FM Freeport, TX  
KJOJ 880 AM Houston, TX
KKAM 1340 AM Lubbock, TX
KKBQ 92.9 FM Houston, TX
KKCL 98.1 FM Lorenzo, TX
KKDA 104.5 FM Dallas, TX
KKHR 98.1 FM Anson, TX
KKHT 106.9 FM Houston, TX
KKLF 950 AM Denison, TX  
KKMJ 95.5 FM Austin, TX
KKMY 104.5 FM Beaumont, TX
KKPN 104.5 FM Gregory, TX
KKPS 99.5 FM Brownsville, TX
KKRW 93.7 FM Houston, TX
KKTL 97.1 FM Cleveland, TX  
KKUS 104.1 FM Tyler, TX
KKYR 102.5 FM Texarkana, TX
KKYS 104.7 FM Bryan, TX
KKYX 680 AM San Antonio, TX
KKZN 93.3 FM Dallas, TX
KLAQ 95.5 FM El Paso, TX
KLBJ 590 AM Austin, TX
KLBJ 93.7 FM Austin, TX
KLDE 94.5 FM Houston, TX
KLDN 88.9 FM Lufkin, TX (Louisiana State Univ.)
KLFX 107.3 FM Nolanville, TX
KLIF 570 AM Dallas, TX
KLLL 96.3 FM Lubbock, TX
KLMN 89.1 FM Amarillo, TX
KLNC 93.3 FM Austin, TX
KLOL 101.1 FM Houston, TX
KLTD 101.7 FM Belton, TX
KLTY 94.1 FM Dallas, TX
KLUP 930 AM San Antonio, TX
KLUR 99.9 FM Wichita Falls, TX
KLUV 1190 AM Dallas, TX
KLUV 98.7 FM Dallas, TX
KLUX 89.5 FM Corpus Christi, TX
KLVI 560 AM Beaumont, TX
KLZK 104.3 FM Brownfield, TX
KMBH 88.9 FM Harlingen, TX
KMIL 1330 AM Cameron, TX
KMJQ 102.1 FM Houston, TX 
KMKI 620 AM Plano, TX  
KMKS 102.5 FM Bay City, TX
KMMX 100.3 FM Tahoka, TX
KMND 1510 AM Odessa, TX
KMOC 89.5 FM Wichita Falls, TX
KMXR 93.9 FM Corpus Christi, TX
KNAF 910 AM Fredericksburg, TX
KNBT 92.1 FM New Braunfels, TX
KNCN 101.3 FM Sinton, TX
KNCT 91.3 FM Killeen, TX (Central Texas College)
KNFM 92.3 FM Midland, TX  
KNIN 92.9 FM Wichita Falls, TX
KNLE 88.1 FM Austin, TX
KNON 89.3 FM Dallas, TX
KNTU 88.1 FM Denton, TX (University of North Texas)
KOAI 107.5 FM Fort Worth, TX
KOCV 91.3 FM Odessa, TX (Odessa College)
KODA 99.1 FM Houston, TX
KODM 97.9 FM Odessa, TX
KOFX 92.3 FM El Paso, TX
KOGT 1600 AM Orange, TX 
KOIR 88.5 FM Edinburg, TX
KOLI 94.9 FM Electra, TX
KONE 101.1 FM Lubbock, TX
KOOC 106.3 FM Belton, TX
KOOI 106.5 FM Jacksonville, TX
KOOO 1190 AM Dallas, TX
KOOP 91.7 FM Austin, TX
KOOV 103.1 FM Copperas Cove, TX
KORA 98.3 FM Bryan, TX
KORQ 100.7 FM Abilene, TX
KOUL 103.7 FM Sinton, TX
KOXE 101.5 FM Brownwood, TX
KOYN 93.9 FM Paris, TX  
KPAC 88.3 FM San Antonio, TX
KPEZ 102.3 FM Austin, TX
KPFC 91.9 FM Callisburg, TX  
KPFT 90.1 FM Houston, TX
KPLV 93.3 FM Victoria, TX
KPLX 99.5 FM Fort Worth, TX
KPQZ 100.9 FM Amarillo, TX
KPRC 950 AM Houston, TX
KPRR 102.1 FM El Paso, TX
KPYN 100.1 FM Atlanta, TX
KQBT 104.3 FM Taylor, TX
KQIZ 93.1 FM Amarillo, TX
KQQA 1530 AM Austin, TX
KQRX 95.1 FM Midland, TX
KQUE 1230 AM Houston, TX  
KQXC 102.5 FM Wichita Falls, TX
KQXT 101.9 FM San Antonio, TX
KQXY 94.1 FM Beaumont, TX
KRBE 104.1 FM Houston, TX
KRGN 103.1 FM Amarillo, TX
KRIO 910 AM McAllen, TX
KRLB 99.5 FM Lubbock, TX
KRLD 1080 AM Dallas, TX
KRMN 92.7 FM Shamrock, TX 
KRNB 105.7 FM Decatur, TX
KRNH 95.1 FM Kerrville, TX
KROD 600 AM El Paso, TX  
KROX 101.5 FM Austin, TX
KRRG 98.1 FM Laredo, TX
KRTK 97.1 FM Houston, TX
KRTS 92.1 FM Houston, TX  
KRVA 1600 AM Cockrell Hill, TX
KRVL 94.3 FM Kerrville, TX
KRXT 98.5 FM Rockdale, TX
KRYL 98.3 FM Gatesville, TX
KRYS 1360 AM Corpus Christi, TX  
KRYS 99.1 FM Corpus Christi, TX
KSAH 720 AM San Antonio, TX
KSBJ 89.3 FM Houston, TX
KSCS 96.3 FM Fort Worth, TX  
KSEV 700 AM Houston, TX
KSHU 90.5 FM Huntsville, TX (Sam Houston State Univ.)
KSJL 92.5 FM Devine, TX
KSKY 660 AM Balch Springs, TX
KSLR 630 AM San Antonio, TX
KSMG 105.3 FM San Antonio, TX (St. Mary's University)
KSST 1230 AM Sulphur Springs, TX
KSTX 89.1 FM San Antonio, TX
KSWP 90.9 FM Lufkin, TX
KSYM 90.1 FM San Antonio, TX (San Antonio College)
KTBQ 107.7 FM Nacogdoches, TX
KTBZ 107.5 FM Houston, TX
KTCK 1310 AM Dallas, TX
KTCU 88.7 FM Fort Worth, TX (Texas Christian Univ)
KTCY 104.9 FM Pilot Point, TX  
KTDR 96.3 FM Del Rio, TX
KTEM 1400 AM Temple, TX
KTEO 90.5 FM Wichita Falls, TX
KTEP 88.5 FM El Paso, TX (Univ. of Texas El Paso)
KTEX 100.3 FM Brownsville, TX
KTFA 92.5 FM Beaumont, TX
KTFM 102.7 FM San Antonio, TX
KTJM 98.5 FM Port Arthur, TX 
KTKR 760 AM San Antonio, TX
KTKY 106.1 FM Corpus Christi, TX
KTL 97.1 FM Houston, TX
KTLT 106.3 FM Wichita Falls, TX
KTRH 740 AM Houston, TX
KTRU 91.7 FM Houston, TX (Rice University)  
KTSA 550 AM San Antonio, TX
KTSM 1380 AM El Paso, TX
KTSM 99.9 FM El Paso, TX
KTSR 92.1 FM BryanCollege Station, TX
KTSU 90.9 FM Houston, TX (Texas Southern University)
KTSW 89.9 FM San Marcos, TX (SW Texas State University)
KTXB 89.7 FM Beaumont, TX
KTXI 90.1 FM Ingram, TX
KTXK 91.5 FM Texarkana, TX (Texarkana College)
KTXN 98.7 FM Victoria, TX
KTXQ 102.1 FM Fort Worth, TX
KTXT 88.1 FM Lubbock, TX (Texas Tech Univ.)
KUEZ 99.3 FM Lufkin, TX
KUHF 88.7 FM Houston, TX (University of Houston)
KULF 94.1 FM Brenham, TX
KURV 710 AM Edinburg, TX
KUT 90.5 FM Austin, TX (University of Texas)
KUTX 90.1 FM San Angelo, TX (University of Texas)
KVET 1300 AM Austin, TX
KVIC 95.1 FM Victoria, TX
KVIL 103.7 FM Highland Park, TX
KVLT 92.3 FM Victoria, TX
KVLU 91.3 FM Beaumont, TX (Lamar University)
KVLY 107.9 FM Edinburg, TX
KVNE 89.5 FM Tyler, TX
KVOP 1400 AM Plainview, TX
KVRP 1400 AM Stamford, TX
KVRP 95.5 FM Haskell, TX
KVRT 90.7 FM Victoria, TX
KVRX 91.7 FM Austin, TX (Univ. of Texas)
KVST 103.7 FM Conroe, TX 
KVTT 91.7 FM Dallas, TX
KVWC 102.3 FM Vernon, TX
KVWC 1490 AM Vernon, TX
KWBU 107.1 FM Waco, TX (Baylor University)  
KWED 1580 AM Seguin, TX
KWEL 1070 AM Midland, TX
KWRD 94.9 FM Dallas, TX
KWTR 1530 AM Austin, TX
KWTX 97.5 FM Waco, TX
KXEB 910 AM Sherman, TX  
KXTQ 950 AM Lubbock, TX
KXZN 104.1 FM Sanger, TX  
KYCM 88.5 FM Austin, TX
KYCX 104.9 FM Mexia, TX
KYFA 91.9 FM Amarillo, TX
KYFS 90.9 FM San Antonio, TX
KYFT 90.9 FM Lubbock, TX  
KYKR 95.1 FM Beaumont, TX
KYKS 105.1 FM Lufkin, TX
KYND 1520 AM Cypress, TX
KYNG 105.3 FM Dallas, TX
KYYD 1340 AM Abilene, TX
KYYI 104.7 FM Burkburnett, TX
KYZZ 100.1 FM San Angelo, TX
KZDC 1250 AM San Antonio, TX
KZDF 106.9 FM McKinney, TX
KZDL 107.1 FM Terrell, TX
KZEE 1220 AM Weatherford, TX
KZEP 104.5 FM San Antonio, TX  
KZFM 95.5 FM Corpus Christi, TX
KZII 102.5 FM Lubbock, TX
KZPS 92.5 FM Dallas, TX
KZRB 103.5 FM Texarkana, TX
KZTR 101.9 FM Franklin, TX
WACO 99.9 FM Waco, TX
WBAP 820 AM Fort Worth, TX
WCD 1680 AM Corpus Christi, TX
WOAI 1200 AM San Antonio, TX
WRR 101.1 FM Dallas, TX
WTAW 1150 AM BryanCollege Station, TX

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