I Kissed My Son Goodbye by Sandy Soffe


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Sandy, your song is so moving, so touching, so true.  Sadly, I had to say "so long" to my son because after turning his life around and going into the Army, he was deployed to Iraq right after Mother's Day, and was killed while guarding the Central Bank of Baghdad on June 17, 2003.  My heart aches so badly and I've cried so many tears.  One thing I can say though, is that although I lost my son this song does put a smile on my face (even through the tears) because my son was my soldier, my protector, one of the lights in my life...and he always will be.  So when you read about a soldier named Pvt. Robert L. Frantz, who gave the ultimate sacrifice, you can smile knowing how very proud his mom is of him.  God bless all our son's and daughter's serving our country all over the world.  May God keep them safe while they're in harm's way ~ Kim Smith

This is the most beautiful song and video I have ever seen or heard......For you see Sandy, I did kiss my son good bye also....Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I listen to this song everyday and everyday it makes me cry.........My son went through a rough time in his teenage years........And he finally turned his life around.....I couldn't be prouder of him now......For I feel as though he couldn't have picked a braver, more courageous career...For he is protecting my freedom and I can live with that sacrifice......I would like to see a yellow ribbon on every house in American and their American flag flying high....Thank you, Janet Hebert

I have a two brothers and three friends in the military, I pray for them and all of OUR troops. Your song made me cry, a lot but it was so beautiful. Thank you for making me feel good about MY soldiers in the service and those who are in the Middle East..~ Lisa K.

Thank you so much for your song I kissed my son goodbye. You don't realize how it touched my heart. I just kissed my son goodbye last week and he also always played soldier when he was small. Thank you again. ~ Claudia

The song and video makes my heart ache, I have a son in Iraq who turned 22 on April 21st and I haven't heard from him since the beginning of April. Although this song hurts my heart it also gave me comfort. Thank you, I passed it along to all army mothers that I knew. God Bless. ~ Jane Sick

"I kissed my son Goodbye" is the most amazing snapshot of my very own heart. I have forwarded your link to all of our local news stations in hopes of the world becoming aware of your song. You have hit the nail on the head. God bless you and I will hold you and all involved in this war in prayer. ~ Jane Rogers

Sandy, I got up very early and turned on CNN as logged online. A friend of mine has you linked onto her candle site.. I give you great credit, this is a beautiful song...... The graphics and pics are wonderful. Your son is one very special and lucky solider to have a mother like you. I hope he gets to hear this song. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful thing. It brought tears to my eyes. As a single mother of 3 boys and I know 2 are military bound since youth, I am scared for them now. You have a lot of courage. If you can send a name, I would like to pray directly for your son. Thanks......... God bless you ~ Denise

I listen to your song I kissed my son goodbye today and let me tell you it still brings tears to my eyes. I want to thank you for that little song it is so true in my life. Both of my sons are fighting in Iraq and you just don't know how this touched my heart. God Bless you. ~ Linda Vandrell

Just want to let you know I love the son I Kissed My son Goodbye. My son is on standby at Camp Lejuene. The video clips.....I saw my own son growing up. We are so proud of all our servicemen and women. Thank You so Very much!!!!! Kathy Fazio Massachusetts

I just wanted to say that your song is very powerful I appreciate it and so does everyone here in Korea that I have shared it with. I just want to thank you for the song and the support it means a lot more than I can express in words. On behalf of the Osan AB Fire Department South Korea THANK YOU. ~ John Setaro

I'm praying continually, all day long for our Military - I have no loved ones in the military, but I know that these brave men & women keep us safe and free and I value each of them for their sacrifice and service for us. May we NEVER take our freedom for granted! Words cannot express my deep love and concern over each one of them. May your song grow & be a major success. God Bless U all.~ Nadiine


I just have to tell you how deeply your song has moved me, I am blessed I am in Canada and my children are too young for battle, I pray that they never do ever have to see a battle field, my thoughts and prayers are with the soldiers their families everyone involved in this horrible war, You have really given the feel to this song and video that just touches the heart so deep, thank you for passing it along to everyone, God bless you and take care. ~ carolyn mitchell

That is the most beautiful song I have heard in ages. I am sure that God the father felt the same way when he sent His son Jesus into our violent world to die for our sins. Thank you. Carolyn Bussey, Mom, Grandmom, patriot

This song really hit home, my son left for parts unknown in February, he was in Guam, I never got to kiss him good bye. Thank you for such a wonderful song and video, it made me cry and realize what I had missed. I only hope and pray that my son comes home safely, as I do all our troops. ~ Sissie

Thank-you so much for this beautiful touching song. In the times we live, it makes it that more meaningful. may God Bless You. ~ Jim & Katie

I have been on the web since 98 and have seen many websites, graphics and music and this by far is the most outstanding song and video I have ever seen. Just beautiful. :) ~ Angel Spirit

I just heard your song and watched the video and all I have to say is "WOW"! I have a 7 yr old son and it really hit me hard! I pray for all the men & women to come home safely!~ Kristi Anderson

I just want to say this is by far one of the best songs I have heard to date. It made my entire office staff cry. I am planning a 20yr reunion for August and our theme is Stars & Stripes dedicated to our Armed Forces. This is now our Theme song for the reunion. Great job and thanks for adding to our Reunion a beautiful Theme Song.~ Jacquie Graham

The video and song are awesome. I have a son in the Marines and it really touched me and brought home many memories of his childhood. Thanks for such a wonderful job.~ Cheryl McCutcheon

I just had to write to tell you how beautiful I thought this video was. I have 2 sons & the song is so moving. Incredible...~ RoseAnn MacKenzie

Your song is unbelievable. I cried my eyes out. I have no children, but a nephew who is 15, and I love to death. I don't want him to have to face the horror's of war in the future. I can't imagine how it must feel for a mother to say good-bye to her son... and not let him be afraid...or alone in harm's way. I wrote to one of our radio station's in Dayton, Ohio. I sent it to all my email addresses. So wonderfully written and beautiful! ~ Pia Kanistros

I wanted to tell you I listened to your song for your son, it was amazing. Please know I pray for our troops success and safe return home. ~ Beth Allen

Sandy, I wanted to let you know how much your song meant to me. I heard it for the first time today and it touched me very deeply. I do not have anybody in the military at this time but I do have a son who is 16 and very anxious to join the military. It made me think about how hard it is actually going to be to say goodbye to my sweet little boy. Your song brought a lot of reality to my feelings about him going into the military. I am very proud of him for wanting to take a stand, as you so wonderfully put it in your song, and fight for the freedom of our country. I also worry about what will happen to him. I know he will be brave but the thing that does worry me is that he will be afraid while he is at war if he should have to go to war. I love my son very much and I do not want to see anything happen to him but least of all I do not want to have to worry that he is going to be scared. He is my pride and joy and it would devastate me to know end but I am behind him all the way and am very proud of him. I want to thank you so much for that touching and thought provoking song. I meant a great deal to me. God bless you. Sincerely, Sherri Batt

Thank you Sandy, I felt like the song was made for me. My Son is a Captain with the 3rd Infantry Division. I have pictures of him playing when he was small, being a Soldier. God Bless, I am sending for the CD. It is wonderful. ~ Carol Barnes. 

At first I was a little taken aback by your song and it made me cry. However, it really really sticks with you and I have come back and listened again repeatedly. It is a haunting, loving song....but I think it captures what mothers feel very strongly.  My twin brother and I were both in the Army (he just got out of the 101st Airborne), and now my cousin is in Kuwait. Also, with a new little son, I think it would absolutely tear me apart to see him go off to war. I don't know how mothers do it. I give my love, respect, and prayers to all those mothers who can do it out of support and respect for their sons as adults making choices and yet not fall apart as they watch them go. My prayers are with the soldiers and their families. ~ Kathryn Stiller-Schleip

Your song is beautiful!! It really captures the feelings feel by a family member as we send off our loved ones to war. I have a husband, daughter & son in law in the middle east. I really appreciate your work. ~ mary kay smith

Thank you for the song I kissed my son goodbye, it could be written about my son Michael, he always wanted to be a marine and that is all. He is now in the Gulf and he is my only child. Like I said the song could be about my baby. Thank you from a mother of a Very Brave Marine. ~ Sharon Anderson

You all deserve a great round of applause for a beautiful song and well done website. I will pray you get on stations around the world. ~ Ruth Anne Kirsch

Dear Kathy and Sandy,: thank you so much for that beautiful song I kissed my son goodbye today. As a proud American, and son of an Army veteran, and whose family members played a key part in the founding of this proud land, I salute you. Sincerely, Malcolm W. Ford

Awesome! I have two sons, Captains in the AF, one is currently deployed. Needless to say your song brought tears to my eyes! Beautifully done! Thank you, Joan

I wanted to write to you today to tell you that Sandy's song touched my heart. So much that I am going to send it out to all I know and, also add the link to my main index page of my website, for all to click on and listen to. You have done our American troops proud Sandy and Kathy and I will gladly display your song for all. You are an amazing singer. God bless you and know that we are survivors in God's almighty hands, no matter what happens, we are always home and free. With love and prayer, Beth

Hi! My Name is Tracey Pritchard, I'm 15 and I'm looking at your site from Bristol, England. I just wanted you to know that I completely support your site. I totally support the war on Iraq, but unfortunately, everyone else in England is against it. I will be taking part in your Armed Forces Day here in England. America and England are one and let God look over and protect all of our troops and hope they come back soon. If you could send me an E-MAIL address I would be grateful, as I have a poem I would like you to read and hopefully send to our troops. Congratulations on your support and I will attempt to get your song on an English Radio Station! We will be one in mind and spirit on May 17th, so GOOD LUCK!

What a wonderful tribute. My niece is over there serving on the USS BOXER; we should be proud of all of our men and women protecting us overseas as well a here. Let the protesters lay in a foxhole and then see how they feel; instead of complaining on land that was fought for to give them their freedom. Keep up the great work! ~ Wendy

I cried and cried when I heard this.. My son is with an Air Evac Squadron with the ground troops in Iraq. What a beautiful God given talent..
Thank you, Chere Brown

I have added your song to my website, as the mother of a marine serving in the middle east at this time, I can find no better way to show how I feel to my friends and family. I remember the day in January when I put him on the bus at Cherry Point. It was the worst day of my life. You seem to understand just how I felt. I cant wait for the day that he returns. thank you so much. Linda

This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard and it brings tears to my eyes each and every time I play it. It also touches my heart deeply. I sure hope you can get this song out to the public as I know its something the whole world needs to hear right now.
~ Catherine

Thanks for such a beautiful song. It really touched my heart. I'm the mother of four sons and five daughters. None are in the military, but I've tried to imagine what it would be like if I had to send them to fight for our country. Your song said it all....Thanks! ~ Fay Wade

I wish I could have kissed my son goodbye.  I just have to pray that I get to kiss him hello when he returns.  Paul had a rough childhood and when he graduated from high school, I cried.  When he enlisted in the Army, I cried hard.  When he left for Iraq, I cried harder.  When he comes home, I will cry again.  Nikki Rothschiller

Your song touches my soul like no other song. My son is serving in the Army, deployed since Jan '03. I pray for the day he returns. But until then I will keep with me the one thing he always told me. "Mom, I want to be a soldier." He is living that dream and is very proud to be doing so. God Bless our troops and keep them safe. ~Connie (a very proud Mother)

I LOVE this song and bawled the whole time.  Each time I listen to it, I bawl a little bit more.  I don't have a son out there, but my kids and I did kiss there daddy goodbye.  We can not wait until he gets home!!!  I am the Ombudsman for my hubby's squadron and will pass this on to my families and to all of the radio stations out here.  Thank You for sharing with us!!! Janae

My nephew, Michael, is in Iraq and even though I did not get to kiss him goodbye, he is still in my thoughts and prayers daily, along with all other brave men and women fighting for our freedom. I have yellow ribbons hanging in our front yard for these brave soldiers. May God Bless them all.~ Carrol

I was in awe when I heard this song and video, it is so beautiful, and I also have a friend who has a son in Iraq, I sent it to her and she just cried, this is so awesome!!!! ~ Mary

Well, as I wipe the tears from my eyes, I realize that my son is only six years old and that is all he talks about being, and someday I will have to kiss him goodbye, thank you for letting me see that. Very inspired. ~ Christina Martin

Your song is so wonderful. I have no children to call my own. But I have a new husband I had to kiss goodbye. Wonderful Job. The song makes me proud to be an army wife. It made me cry. Thank you again. ~ Krystal Harbison

My son Jonathon Remines is now serving in this war in Baghdad; He is my only son and only child that I can only have. I pray to GOD  each day for his safety as well as all other soldiers there. this song touches my heart very deeply... this is exactly how I felt the day I had to kiss my son not knowing if he would ever come back home to me..... God bless you Sandy Soffe for this song! ~ Sheila Bright

Let everyone stop and realize the sacrifices these brave young men and women are making for US! God bless them all and the moms, dads, spouses and children left behind to worry and pray. GOD BLESS THE USA!  Land of the free - BECAUSE of the BRAVE! Proud Marine Mom ~ Katherine

I heard this song not long after my son went to Iraq.  He is in the Navy and has been in less than a year.  He was only at his first duty station for less than 2 months before he was sent.  I have just found out that he is now on his way home and I am just thrilled!!!  I still listen to the song and I will continue to listen until every mothers son has returned!!  Thank you so much for such a wonderful tribute and I hope that you keep it going for a long time!!!  Love to all who have had to send a child to fight for our freedom and my prayers that all come home soon. ~ Denise Baley

I'm so touch when I heard this song A Kissed My Son Goodbye...I have no son but a husband who is now in Iraq Serving Our Country...I'm proud of Him and All other Soldiers they are our Heroes...May the Good Lord Bless and Shower them with all protection and guidance...we Know God will always take good care of them and comfort them with His Arms.... ~ Ana

This is absolutely beautiful!  It touched my heart immensely - tears, love, and joy all at once.  Thank you for sharing! ~ TJ Davidson

As the mother of a Son in the Air Force this song really hit home.  I would like to thank Sandy for writing such a tribute.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.~ Mary Jones

It seems like almost forever ago, my little brother left for Army basic training, 2 short weeks later I left for basic myself. As I left to go I remember looking back to my mom as I walked towards the plane. This song brings back that memory. She had tears in her eyes, but I know she was proud of her two soldiers. After my 3 years I got out, but my brother is still in the Army, he is still a soldier, and he is in Iraq today. This pays him and all soldiers a deep respect that I feel they have earned. This song is special to me because I can relate, the words talk about me and my brother and our mom, and it shows what being a soldier's mom is like. This song helps show people that it isn't only soldiers who fight, but their whole family. May God bless our country, those who fight for her, and the families who wait for them to come back home!
~ Mick

My prayers and thoughts are with you and all parents and service personnel in the time of crisis.  You are all so very brave. ~ Carolyn

Hello my name is Andrea Johnson my brother is in the Army, my boyfriend is in the Marines, my dad was in the Marines till he retired and, I have soo many friends that are in the military! I just want to that if it wasn't for them we would not have the FREEDOM we have today. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ON ACTIVE DUTY OR NON-ACTIVE DUTY! May God bless yall's lifes every step of the way!  GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!! Once again thank you and I will keep yall in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Andrea

After listening to this song there are no words to express how I feel, Yes  I kissed my son  goodbye! as I listen to this song and wipe the tears,  I feel this song was  written for my son.  thank you and GOD bless~ K.C.

Thank You.  This song and video was beautiful.  I have shared it with all of my family and friends.  My son is in Iraq.  God Bless you for putting my thoughts and feelings into such beautiful song and pictures. ~ Mary Kay


I have just watched, and listened to the song, "I Kissed My Son Goodbye."  I felt the tears roll down my cheeks as it brought back memories of when my son was a small boy, then to his teen years, on to the young man he is today.  He enlisted in the Marine Corp during his senior year of high school and has now been in for two years.  He recently turned twenty years old..stationed in California and I have not seen him since December of 2002.  Although he was not deployed overseas (had surgery scheduled on his legs) I miss him terribly and know that he could be called up at any time.  The song touched me in a very special way because although I have pride in him for making this choice, my Mother's heart aches for yesteryear when he was home with me and his safety was sort of in my control.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful song....I'm sure many will be touched!  Sincerely, Shirley Turner-Proud Parent of a US Marine!

Sandy... this song and video really hit my heart! I was in tears, you brought back so many memories for me. A long time ago, I kissed my one true love goodbye...sending him off to defend our freedoms, I was never to see him again. I pray daily for all those sending off a loved one it is not an easy thing to do. Praying in NY  ~ Vicki

My ex-fiancée, so to say, is in the Army and this song reminds me of when he left for the Army. It's such a touching song and it really makes you think. In ways I wish I would have never left him... I love him for everything he has done for me and everything he has done for this country. God Bless You and everything you do. ~ Courtney

Thank you for sharing such a very profound song and video. My "husband" is in the Army and is now deployed to Tikrit, Iraq. Our daughter and I had to kiss him goodbye in March 2003. At the time I thought it was the hardest thing I would do, but now I know the waiting everyday is much harder. This song and video is an accurate echo of my very own thoughts and feelings.  I cry every time I hear this song. I will forward this to all of my friends and family. You have done a wonderful job. Thank you again. ~Karen   

I would like to start off by saying that I really loved the song and the pictures to go with it! It touched my heart. Makes me think about my 9 year old son, wondering if I someday will be kissing my son goodbye. I think that it is the best job in the world to have, but also the hardest on those back home. I would love to be able to thank every man and woman for their bravery ... their love and loyalty to the the great USA!! I do have a special loved one fighting now to keep us back home free and without worry. Some of us are so selfish, that they don't stop and think of how we became free in the first place. People take things for granted. My father served in 1960-1964,U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam era. I looked up to my father and always wanted to know so much about the military. He never wanted to talk about most of it, but as a small child I seemed to understand why he didn't talk about it. Now he is passed on, and is in Gods loving arms. We don't really truly know what we have until it is gone. So tell everyone you know how much you love them, or how much you enjoy their friendship, cause you may never get that chance if you always put it off. I want to send out a special thank you to Carl M. in the U.S. Air Force who is now a half a world away...Thank you and I still love you ... you will always be in my heart and my soul!! Please come home safe! And to all of our troops ... Thank you so very much come home safe to all of you families!! God Bless You All!!! Kari K. Burden (Missouri)

Having so great a gift as to sing this song is just the blessing I needed today. Our Heavenly Father gives us such beautiful gifts to share and use to praise Him. It touched my heart and I will remember to pray for ALL. So many tears have been shed, but not one tear went unnoticed-Our Lord sees each tear shed and knows our heart. God Bless our men and women serving  and also those keeping the home fires burning. May we all keep a pray on our lips for one another and pray that our United States would understand also that Jesus Christ gave His life for all people.  May we always remember. God Bless You. -one of His lambs. ~ Karen bruzewski

My little brother Ryan is in the Army in Baghdad.  We used to play soldiers when we were little.  I cried my eyes out at this song -- it is so beautiful.  Our Mom sent this link to me.  This has been a very hard spring and summer, with the war and the war protests and all the stress of worry, and people who have mocked our troops and brave soldiers like my little brother.  It is hard to explain what today's military families face, in loyalty to our country.  Thank you for this beautiful song. ~ Anne

How Beautiful!!!I was crying!I also kiss my son good-bye in Nov.You have a way with words it touched me deeply now I will listen to it everyday till my son comes home and I'll play it to him. ~ Lisa Wilcox/mother of a soldier.

Your song touched our family's heart...how precious and from the heart. We must never forget our troops especially now.

Please pass the word...and keep the support going for all our troops...those coming home and those still risking their lives every day....click below for Home front Hugs USA...Alessandra

What an absolutely beautiful song!  Thank you for sharing it with us.  I must say that being at home and waiting for the return of a loved one has got to be one of the toughest times in a person's life.  Like many of you, I am the proud mother of a son.  There have been many times I have had to kiss my son good-bye.  Except my situation is a little different...I am the one leaving.  But as you say in your song, I ask the Lord not to let him be afraid.  As a service member, I am so thankful for people like you who care, especially in a time period where it seems everyone is motivated by their own selfish desires.  Thank you for showing your support, not only to your son, but to all service members.  May God always bless America.  Faithfully serving our Lord and America, Denise Wise, USAF ~ 

this song took on a new meaning for me on Monday August ll,2003. A special young man by the name of Michael C. was injured in Iraq. Please help pray for his speedy recovery. Pat and Floyd Z.

Thank You for this song ,I have a son who is in Cuba guarding the prisoners of war, he informed me the other day he will be leaving for Iraq soon, he won't be able to come home before he leaves, I basically kissed my son goodbye when he was 18, he turned 19 at MP School, 20 in Korea,21 in Cuba, and he will turn 22 in Iraq, I have a 23 year old nephew in Iraq also and I forwarded this on to my brother. Thank You again this song has touched my heart as no other song has. God Bless You ~ Tammy

This is just breath taking, you see sandy I kissed my son good bye, it broke my heart, but knowing that he is happy serving his country, ever since he was a little boy he wanted to be in the air force, his dream has come true, now I stand behind him and watch as he serves his country, with pride, this song sandy, has put some major tears in my eyes, so very beautiful, and touching god bless all our hero's and god bless America ~ Mary Jo

This is the most beautiful video and song. It touched my heart and made me cry. I listen to it many times a day.  I sent it all over the USA to Family and Friends, in Honor of my nephew, John who is currently with the 82nd Airborne Division serving in Iraq and to all of our brave military.  May God watch over them and bring them safely home.  I hope that this video and song gets the recognition it deserves, as it truly inspires the love and faith I have whenever I hear it.   God Bless America!!!  I Love and Miss you Johnny Babes! "PLEASE DON'T BE AFRAID" ~ Marilyn 

This is a beautiful song.  My husband SFC Sheridan just left this am for a year long deployment & it breaks my heart to see him go.  I thank you & your son for serving our country & also I thank my husband too.  God Bless all our troops & send them back home safe to us.  Mrs. Karen Sheridan

This is like going back down memory lane for me, I watched as we sent off my brother to Vietnam, it was so sad, the tears and the loneliness that you feel , there just isn't a few words to describe them all is there? This song is Beautiful and the it means so much to all of us that have family sent over there in Iraq, I pray it will not turn into a Vietnam, with the many days of endless fighting, never to be able to win. God only knows what tomorrow will hold but I pray he will see fit to bring our loved ones back home to us unscathed by this war. I have yellow ribbons on each pillar of my front porch and they will remain there until all of our soldiers are home again. God Bless you for this song and Bless the Soldiers that have been placed in harms way, give their families the strength to endure the hardships of being without their own. And God Bless America, the Land in which I love and am proud to be a citizen of.
~ Nona

This song really touched my heart, can not stop the emotions. I have a son in the marines who recently returned from the Persian gulf and I am thankful for his safe return. I cannot help thinking about the other parents who have lost their sons and daughters battling this war and how they must feel.  Our prayers are with them all. ~ M. Abate

This is a difficult time for our family.  my husband, sgt. kevin shank will be leaving us behind august 19th to serve his country.  i am sooooo proud of him and the soldiers that he will be taking with him.  god bless all who are there and welcome home to those who have arrived home to their families!~ Erin

I'm not sure where to begin---my son is
in the USAF. We wait everyday for "the phone call" and sometimes it's pretty overwhelming. I get a great deal of comfort from patriotic poetry, songs and stories. This is such a special tribute to all of the children that are in our military. Thank you so much for this. This was sent to me in e-mail from a very dear friend, who's friendship came from something terrible. This is just proof positive that when everything seems dark and out of control, something beautiful can result from it, thank for writing something beautiful, we all appreciate it so much. ~ Kat

IT TRULY TOUCHED THE DEEPEST PART OF MY HEART. No words can explain the feelings, THE IMPACT IN MY LIFE ...........but I know that a mother will know what I mean after listening and watching to your piece of art. For everybody else I will tell you that I WOULD NOT HAVE DONE IT THAT POWERFUL even though I am a MARINE'S mother.  THANK YOU .Katie M.

I love this song! My husband is currently serving overseas for a while. He is a Staff Sgt. in United States Air Force. Thank you for singing this beautiful song. It made me cry. ~ Chevy

Thank you for the lovely song and even though it brought tears to my eyes while I was listening to it and thinking about my son Dave who is serving in Iraq I thought it was beautiful. Thanks so much.~ Cora

My brother was killed in Viet Nam and I know how my mother felt when she kissed my brother good bye. This video and song is so moving and means more to me than you will ever know. When my son joined the Navy and I kissed him goodbye as a teenage boy the next time I would see him he would be the man I knew God wanted him to be. He spent 10 years in the Navy and served in the first Desert Storm. This video should be shown on all stations. It would make a lot of mothers feel better. Thank you for making this. ~ Theresa

I think that your song is wonderful.  My husband is in the military right now and I have had to kiss him goodbye and I have a five year old son who plays soldier all the time and wants to be just like his daddy so I know the day may come when I will have to kiss him goodbye as well.  I want to thank you for your song.  It has really touched my heart. ~ Jamie

That is by far the most moving song I have ever heard. It brought tears to my eyes, which is nothing new these days. Our son, Sgt. Jeff Swain of the 101st Airborne is in Mosul, Iraq. Sadly, I have had to Kiss My Son Goodbye too many times in the past few years. First when he went to Korea for a year, then to Afghanistan for 7 1/2 months only to come back to the states for 28 days when they deployed him right back out to Kuwait and now Iraq. Never does a day go by that there aren't tears. We are so proud of Jeff, and we keep praying for his safe return. Thank you so much for such a beautiful song. I will listen to it every morning when I get online to see if there may be a message from Jeff. God Bless You...Shelly Swain

my son is in Iraq this is the most touching song I have ever heard Please everyone out there pray for my son and all other soldiers bring them all home safely. We want to kiss our boys and girls again, thank you.~ lori

This is truly a powerful song.......made my cry ....BOTH times I listened to it. We are retired military, have 3 sons, (one son who is actively serving ).......thank you!! ~ Laurie

As a wife of an Australian soldier, I can relate to the beautiful words to the song. But from a wives perspective. I wish all men and women who are bravely fighting for peace, a save return to their loved ones. You are our true heroes. ~ Debbie

My mother was one of the first Women's Marines. She instilled in me the deep respect that she had for our brave men and women of the military. Hearing how military ballots were being ignored in the last presidential election, she was so outraged. She could not believe that anyone could do this to her "boys" and the brave women of the U.S. military. Within days, she had a massive stroke and went to be with Jesus. In heaven, she's rejoicing in total freedom. But she is one person who understood that freedom comes at a great price--whether the blood of brave men and women on this earth or the blood of our Savior to pay for our eternal freedom. May the Lord bless and keep those who serve in this way. I only wish, individually, I could tell each soldier: thank you for our freedom. I know she would want me to. ~ Gayle

There are tears in my eyes as I type this message, today I heard your song for the very first time and it has touched my heart. My only son is serving in Baghdad. He's 25 years old and married, but I still think of him as my "little boy". I pray for his safety and the safety of those he serves with and under. All of the men and women serving our country today deserve our love and respect and our heart felt gratitude. Thank you for penning the words and sharing your song with all of us. It speaks for countless mothers ... probably all over the world. Sincerely, Sue Casserleigh

Thank You for this site. My son arrived in South Korea July 27.I did not get to kiss him goodbye before he left. Thanx to everyone for there PRAYERS! God Bless all the soldiers for the gift that they give all Americans. ~ Robin Price

As the mother of a Son in the Air Force this song really hit home.  I would like to thank Sandy for writing such a tribute.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~ Mary Jane

Thank you Sandy, this is one of the most amazing sites. I loved your song, because it hits the heart. My son Byron has been in Iraq since late February. It's been a trauma for me and my family. I'm the proud mommy of an American Soldier. His brothers look up to him and his younger brother wants to join the military one day.  So I guess I'll be going through this again one day. But they are all very special in their own way. We miss him dearly and can't wait for him to be back on American soil. But he's out there along with the rest of the brave soldiers. Hopefully we'll see all of them soon. My son is a young 20, but to me he has grown into a beautiful man. He's seen things that we fortunately will never see or want to see. He belongs to the 1st Armored division. And I'm so proud when he sends me pictures of him with the children of Iraq. Hopefully one day soon, they'll be able to enjoy the freedom that our children have. I just think of my children out on that streets with all the gunfire around, not something I would want to ever be a part of. Hopefully the soldiers will be able to give them peace they greatly deserve. I just want to tell my son and the rest of the soldiers out there, be strong and god bless. You are sacrificing so much more than your family and your freedom, you're all sacrificing your life. For that we Americans are so proud of you. You will be forever cherished in all of our hearts. Stay safe and take care of each other, and god bless America and the world...~ Bernadette Vea

Yes, this tribute to our mighty military was so very touching...and between the lines, we know that lyrics are also in the heart of the father.  Thank you and love to all the sons of the American women and men who're giving more than I have words to express.  Please continue in prayer for them, their families, and their safe return..~ Carolyn Partain

I have heard quite a few songs about our children in the service, this has got to be one of the best. I am sitting here, thinking and trying to remember when not a member of my family did not serve Our Country, beginning with the American Revolution and to the present day time and I can't think of none. My father in WWII, my brother's in Viet Nam and the Persian Gulf as well as my son and daughter-in-law. My husband in Viet Nam and now my 18 year old Grandson will be going to Afghanistan for a year. I do know how every generation before me and after me will feel when the time comes for them to "Kiss their Sons and daughters good-bye"
Thank you and May the Good Lord Keep and Protect them all. ~ Lea Steele

This is a wonderful tribute to our soldiers. I have a son and nephew 82nd Airborne in Iraq right now. This really touched my heart. Made me cry too. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. ~ Cindy Cantrell

I was going through my "Favorites" list tonight while talking with my son Jonathan, an A1C with an F-16 unit that served in the war this spring.  He is home now, Thank you God and all those who prayed with me for his safety.  After he came home the first of May with his unit, it was easy to forget to pray for those still there until I set a small alarm clock that goes off every morning reminding me specifically to pray for all those other mothers' sons and daughters still there.  I still get tears in my eyes when I look at photos of that March morning when he boarded the plane for "over there."  I was biting the inside of my cheek to keep from crying because he told me I would have to leave the hanger if I did!  The photos show me with a brave smile, but that smile didn't extend to my eyes or my heart.  I played your song almost daily while he was gone because it said all that my heart was feeling.  Thank you and God bless you and all our troops (and their moms and dads). ~ Sheila Lemley Terrell

Your song so well expresses the love and pride I have for my son as I kiss him good-by for the second time. He serves in the Air National Guard and has only been home for six weeks. He leaves again the day after tomorrow, and my heart is heavy. My thought and prayers go with him and all our brave sons and daughters who serve us. ~ Susan Spears

This song is amazing. Although I don't have sons my boyfriend is currently serving in Iraq. We plan to get officially engaged when he gets back. This song brought tears to my eyes and I just got a call from my boyfriend's mom thanking me for sending her such a beautiful song. From all the loved ones of all the soldiers, thank you ~ Elizabeth Yates

This song is amazing. I had to get my tissues. My baby brother is in Iraq and I pray for him and all soldiers everyday. God Bless our troops and God Bless Sandy Soffe for this beautiful song. ~ Kristin C.

this song really touch me when I heard it played at my husbands soldiers funeral today. it had a huge effect on everyone there. I just pray that the next time I hear it is on the radio. god bless you and all of your families. and pray for our son, daughters, brothers, sisters, brothers, wives, and husbands and bring them all home safe and soon. ~ Taran

I kissed my son goodbye 4 years ago, when he left for S. Korea.
I kissed him goodbye again, 3 months ago, as he lay in his coffin. He had a fatal heart attack at the age of 35. Brett was my soul, my heart, my life. I cannot wait to kiss him hello again. ~ Cathy

Sandy, I was so touched by this song and video I feel it says all this things we are saying in our hearts and thinking in our minds. I am one of the lucky ones, yes my son did serve in the Military and I will always remember the day I said Goodbye to him on the day he was leaving for booth camp. My heart broke because I was not sure if I would ever see him again, but the good Lord kept him safe and after serving 2 1/2 years he in finally home and in school working on becoming a paramedic. He feels that in this capacity he can continue helping to take care of our fellow Americans. I am really proud of him. I say a prayer for all of our sons, daughter, fathers, mothers etc that are in the military and spread through out the world I ask God to keep the safe and bring the home to their families. May the good Lord watch over them all. ~ Mary

Sandy, this song is so beautiful. It feels like you were there with us as my son grew up. I am proud to say that he is fulfilling his dream, he is a Proud 82nd Airborne currently serving in Iraq. The tears that fell while listening to your song are forever etched in my heart. I couldn't be prouder of my son. He is protecting his family and his future in the most sacrificing and selfless way. I salute you son. Proud Mother of an 82nd Airborne Soldier. ~ Gayle Waters

Thank you so much for the heartfelt song. I am getting ready as I write this to tell my son goodbye he is on his way overseas, but I know that the Lord will watch over him and keep him safe and soon send all of our sons and daughters back home to us. ~ Cora

this song and video is so touching to me. I have served in the army for four years, faithfully and loyally airborne. I've done a tour for operation enduring freedom and operation Iraqi freedom. in all my time in the military and even prior, I can only remember one other song other then the national anthem that gave me an overwhelming sense of pride in my nation, armed services and my family. i sent this page to my mother who in turn cried at how it touched her very heart as the words in the song expressed how every mother of a soldier, marine, airman, or seaman feels for their child. my mother has bee very inspirational to me, she has seen me through my hard times, and been there during the good as well. from the most sincere part of my heart, i would like to thank you for touching me and my family in such a wonderful way. and i also would like to thank you for your support. not everyone does, and the ones that do we love even more. god bless you and god bless America. ~ Kennes

This song and video touched my very soul as well as my heart. Three and a half years ago, I kissed my son goodbye, he then traveled on with the 101st Airborne to Afghanistan and no sooner arrived back to Fort Campbell Ky to be shipped out again to Iraq. Last week, my son was discharged form the Army, his duty done, and as the car pulled into the drive way, I heard, 'hi mom, I'm home'. and I kissed my son hello. And as I gazed at his beautiful 21 year old face, I thanked God for his safe return, and I cried. Tears of happiness, but also of sadness for all the troops still at war, and for those that gave their live defending us. To all I say, Thank you, and may all your dreams come true, after you have fought so long and hard protecting ours. God Bless you, and all the families of these wonderful men and woman who ask for nothing in return accept our love and support. Thank you so much for this song. ~ Proud Mom of a Soldier, Joanie

What a great song. My husband was a Vietnam Vet and my son was in the Navy when the airliner was shot down before the Gulf War. Kissing him goodbye was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I thank God that he made it home safely. Thank you for this song. I would like to hear it more. Janet (God's gracious gift of a storm whose tenderhearted.)

After I stopped crying... I played this wonderful song for my husband... then we both cried. We just put our son, Erik, on the bus 10-27-03 for the Marines in San Diego. I have shared this site with other parents so they might hear your meaningful words of love and tenderness. May God bless the Children... and us ALL. I cannot imagine the pain God felt to see His Son in such agony. Thank you for hearing the words of my heart and putting them to song. Bless you and all who shared in your endeavor. ~ Cissy Testerman

This song brought tears to my eyes, it is beautiful and in all honesty there are not many words I can think of right now to express how they touched both my mother in law and myself, you see my husband SPC. Kyle Christensen is stationed in Iraq right now 11-10-03 and he has been away from us since 2-13-03 and will not be home again until 6-01-03. He is with the 1457th Combat engineer battallion B.Co 2nd Platoon, Out of Camp Williams Utah. When I ran across this song it fit him to a tee, My mother in law is always telling me how when he was a young boy he knew he wanted to be a solider, he knew he wanted to protect our freedoms and be there for others in need and that is exactly what my husband is now doing. Our three year old daughter calls daddy a hero. and I truly believe it. I believe every soldier out there right now is a hero. I believe their families are as well. My heart goes out to all those that have had to say their final goodbye's to the sons and daughters they love so dearly. I pray for the safe return of all those men and women that are protecting us and our freedoms. God bless and Lord please bring all those you don't need in heaven home to us safely. 
I'm a Proud Military Wife. HOOAH!!!! ~ Michelle Christensen

What a beautiful song! It is bittersweet, but I love to listen to it. My son, SPC. Terry Pickens II has been in Iraq since March 12th, 2003. We were thrilled when he got to come home for the two week rest and relaxation leave some of the soldiers are getting to take that have been away on active duty for a long time. He arrived Oct. 25th. There are just no words to express the joy our hearts felt as he walked down the corridor of the airport to greet us. We all cried tears of joy. Sunday, Nov. 9th, I will kiss my precious son good-bye as he departs for Iraq again. Despite the fact that he misses his family and everything he loves terribly, he is quick to tell us he loves the U.S. and will go back and stick it out to ensure OUR safety and freedom until he is no longer needed. They have gunfire and mortor rounds still fired into their camp daily. His safety and the safety of his fellow troops is still at risk. My faith in Jesus Christ will carry me through. I pray HE will wrap HIS loving, protective arms around all our brave, selfless military men and women and bring them safely home to us. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful song. God bless you and our soldiers fighting for our freedom. 
Tammy Pickens


I have 2 sons in the U.S. Army. My eldest is 20 and youngest is 17. My eldest son just returned from 1 year in S. Korea and I will be kissing him goodbye (yet again) tomorrow morning as he goes to Ft. Campbell, Ky. My youngest son just graduated from high school and will be leaving on Nov. 18th (2 weeks from today) for Ft. Sill, Ok to go to boot camp. I will have no more children at home and although I am so proud of them for the choice they made to join the military I will miss them terribly. When I look at them I see my little boys. They are in my prayers many many times a day. God bless our military...and all of our little boys and girls that are in it. ~ Janet

Sandy, I just walked in from taking my son to DFW airport for his trip to Camp Pendleton. He completed boot camp at MCRD on Friday, October 24, 2003. After a 10 day leave, he is returning for MCT. I know that I am so very lucky in that I have my son as so many have lost theirs. I pray for every young man and woman in the military and all of their families. Semper Fi! ~ Julie

This song is helping me prepare - my son two weeks ago enlisted in the Navy - I am so proud of him - and totally support him, and all the men who have gone before him.
So, this song is a blessing, encouragement and a great help to me!
Thank you for putting it on a webpage. ~ Bonnie

Sandy, Thank you so much for the song and the video, I along with my daughter cried our eyes out listening and watching, you see her husband is over in Iraq, and in one of the most dangerous places, we kissed him good bye not once but twice........he has touched my heart so much that he is like my son........We are very proud of him, he is over there with all the other brave men and women as he say protecting his wife and baby daughter, along with every other American and is proud to do it. God Bless him and all of our Military........God please bring them home safe!!!! ~ Mary Endres

Your song touches all the feelings a mother feels when having to say good-bye to your son. My son is in the Army now stationed in Iraq. I am so proud of him and all the soldiers serving are country. Thank you from a ARMY MOM. Marcia LeMunyan

Sandy, I have not yet got to listen to your song but I am sure it is a very good song. I did get to read the lyrics of it those are such moving words. I am 18 and I am a senior this year. It has been a real tough year for me, because my boyfriend Kenneth Unger who is a Military Police in Iraq has been there since April of this year. He won't be returning till April of next year. I miss him so much and pray for a safe return for him. But all Military song touch my heart in such a way no other songs could. I just wanted to let you know your song is AWESOME and hope to hear it on the radio someday. ~ Natalie Hendrix

What a beautiful song. I am thinking of all our fallen heroes at this time and the sacrifice their families have given to all Americans - they have given the most important part of their lives; a son, a daughter, or maybe a spouse. May God grant them some peace knowing it was for our freedom. I did kiss my son goodbye and pray I will be welcoming him home soon. ~ Patti/Military Mom

I was so moved by your song...it touches every mother's heart who has a son in the military....the tears are flowing but thank you very much for writing what we are all feeling as our sons go off to war...my son has been gone 6 months and has 6 more to go before I see him again.... ~ Karen Emmons

What a beautiful song! I wish I had heard it last Jan. My oldest went overseas then. He made it back but all the others over there are in my prayers. God Bless them all! ~ Debra Jones

This is a wonderful tribute. I have family members who are in the military and your song touched my heart. Thank you!! ~ Kathy Patterson

I am a proud Marine wife whose husband returned recently from Operation Iraqi Freedom. Those were the hardest 7 months of our lives, and we continue to keep the families of the troops still fighting all over the world today. I saw this song performed at Operation Yellow Ribbon in D.C. this past May while my husband was in Iraq & it touched my heart for all the mothers having to say good bye to their sons as well as all the other family members left behind when our heros head out to defend our freedom. God Bless Our Troops & all the military families throughout our country. ~ Shawnnelle Hazard

Sandy ~ This is most beautiful tribute I have seen. I too kissed my son goodbye last December as he headed for Iraq. For 3 months we heard nothing from him. But then we finally received a call. On July 19, 2003 I was finally able to KISS my son again as I PROUDLY stood with his fiancee as the last Company from the 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry arrived home to Ft Benning. All the while my heart was with those who would not be able to kiss there sons and daughters again. God Bless You for this beautiful song. I still have many friends whose sons and daughters are still over there. They are always very close to my heart. May they too return home safely. God Bless Our Troops and God Bless America ! ~ Debbie Stein

I have 2 of my three children in the military. A daughter who is an MP in the Army and my youngest who is a Marine. In these troubled times you can do nothing but worry. This song reflects alot of emotions for me. My youngest son was my sidekick while growing up. We are very close. It has been a dream of his since he was around 11 years old to join the Military. His choice of Service was the Marines. I could not be prouder. I will always remember the day I kissed him goodbye. As well as my daughter. It is hard letting them go..... but go they must. God bless all of our sons and daughters. ~ Jan Pope

When, I heard this song I cried even though I don't have a son yet. My husband is over and I bless everyone that is servicing our country and may God be with him. I'm proud to be an American and everyone else should be to. In the land of the free and the home of the brave. Sandy, thank you for writing this song. May God be with each and every one of our soldiers. ~ SPC COTTRELL, JOSHUA wife

My son is now serving in Iraq with the US Army. He is the second of my four children to serve in the middle east and both have seen extensive combat. I miss my son terribly and ache for the day he returns home safely. Your son is a wonderful tribute to my son and all the brave men and women of the armed forces. I was asked not long ago what has happened to the young people of America. They have become heroes, that is what has happened to our your people. To all the parents, siblings, wives, husbands, sisters, and brothers of those brave men and women who gave their lives in this conflict my prayers are with you. We all die a little when one of own makes the supreme sacrifice. However with that sacrifice the world becomes a safer and better place for all the children not able to make it better for themselves. I thank all the military men and women for what they do. God please take care of all of them and for those that give their lives give them a special place in your kingdom. ~ Ed Clay

I am very moved by this song and the tribute it pays to all the men and women serving our country today. I lost my Father while he was serving our country when I was only three years old.
When my son turned 21 he entered the Coast Guard and served for four years. Thank God he came home safe to me. I pray for all the Mothers and Fathers who have lost a son. Nothing can replace them but we can still remember. God bless ~ Sheila

My daughter and son-in-law were married 12 days before my son-in-law left for a 24 week training period in the states and then to be deployed to Iraq as a medic. I am so proud of them - they had to change plans, that they had completed and had been making for over a year, so that they could be married before he left. My son-inlaw is a very loyal, brave and generous person and is eager to serve his country and protect his fellow citizens and my daughter is 100% behind him - I know that this is a great sacrifice for them and I want everyone to know how selfless they have been. Please keep them in your prayers. This video reminds me of Nate, he has always wanted to be in the military and to help others. Thank you for caring about our military and taking the time to do this video - it certainly reflects the feelings of all Moms everywhere. Good luck and God be with you Nate - May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, may the rain fall gently on your fields and may the Good Lord hold you in the palm of his hand until we meet again. We all love you and are so proud of you. We miss you and pray for you daily. Stay safe and we will take care of your precious wife - our precious daughter. Love Ma

This was truly a beautiful song and even though my son was not able to go I had 4 brothers who I watched go in to the service I can relate to this they have since come home but they have sons who are old enough to go. I do have a wonderful son-in-law who I think the world of and I see the turmoil my daughter has been in for the last 2 years and if he does not have a job he says he is going full time .He is currently in the national guard and his father cried today when he told him of his plans. I pray for all of these young men as they are the reason we are still a free country. God Bless you and yours Karen

I was stopped in my tracks from washing clothes after i found this site. My heart aches for parents, spouses, children, aches for all. I'm a navy mom, navy grandma, army aunt, and marine cousin. Been there, done that. My son was in many hot spots but retired from the navy last month with 22 years. His son is in the navy and a marine combat medic. He has not gone YET. My nephew has been to Afgan, Iraq twice and could go again soon. My cousins son is a Marine and was in Iraq. I don't know what words to use but they're all home safe for now. When my son returned home i went cross country to see his ship come in. What an awesome sight to see that big ship come around the curve with 5,000 and some marines at attention. It was the most awesome sight of my life. I was proud to have my one star flag in my living room window with people asking what it meant. I cannot imagine losing one of my guys but I know that day could come and i am not immune to it. I pray so hard it will all come to an end. I could not kiss my son goodby (such a beautiful song) i only went to welcome him home with loving arms. I babble sometimes but i can't get the guys and gals off my mind, its a daily thing but i turn it to prayer. I belong to adopt a platoon and have written to 4 different ones in the military who don't get mail so if you want to do something contact adopta platoon on the web. It has been a rewarding experience for me. With mine they received lots of packages and mail but i found the time to include others. As time goes by, i feel some take this war as an everyday thing and take it too lightly. But bless all of us who care and take it seriously. I love everyone of those in uniform. kay

My son PV2 Michael Hegwald is serving his country in irac. We love and miss him and are praying for his safe return! ~ Linda Gonzales

Sandy, sadly, I could not hear the song or view the video, but the picture says it all. My son, Sgt. Dustin L. Rinehart (Army) will be leaving next week for Tikrit, Iraq. I will not be able to kiss my son goodbye as he is stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA and I am here in central PA. My son has always wanted to be a soldier since he was a little boy. Funny, how we never expect for them to grow up and really have to go fight a war. All I can do is place him in God's care and ask that he wrap his protective arms around him and keep him from all harm. My heart aches for all the young men and women who have lost their lives so far from home. Thank you for your tribute. ~ Kathy Colyer

My son went over seas less then a month ago. It was the hardest thing I could do is send him in harms way. When I came across your song I had to pass it on to my friends and family. I also sent it to radio station. ~ Doris

This song needs to have a paper towel alert posted with it. LOL I am an Army wife of 20 years and my husband is currently in Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain. Our oldest son from the time he was a very little boy has always wanted to follow in his dad's footsteps. His dream finally came true on Aug 7, 2003 the day he graduated from Army AIT at Ft. Eustis, VA. My husband couldn't attend this event because the day our son graduated was the day he left for Afghanistan. I was down in Virginia for our sons graduation and had him call his dad right before. His dad was waiting in the motor pool for the bus to pick them up. Our son said to his dad when he expressed how sorry he was that he couldn't be at his graduation "Dad we knew what we were getting into when we signed up" Our son and his wife are lucky enough to be stationed with us, and so far he is not suppose to deploy. But word has it that in Oct of next year our son will be going to Iraq. Our son is a true soldier and we are so proud of him, he realizes that the military isn't just about getting the free education or a roof over your head. It is about defending our wonderful nation against people who can take our freedoms away. Be it the freedom to protest or the freedom to have our US flag flying proudly outside our home. My thoughts are with those that have lost a son or daughter in war. Our children are the most precious thing in the world and should always be treasured.

Irene White proud wife and mom of US Soldiers and proud sister of a US Marine.

Dear Kathy & Sandi...I Kissed My Son Goodbye on April 3, 2003, the night before he left for Iraq. I'll never forget the look on his face as I walked out the door. I'm so glad I had that moment to kiss him and feel his hug as that was the last time I saw him. Army Staff Sergeant Daniel A. Bader was killed on November 2, 2003 when the Chinook helicopter he was on board was shot down in Iraq. He was returning home for a much-needed two week leave. Well, he returned home, but not the way I wanted. I'll forever be grateful for his 28 years of life and he will forever live in my heart. I was always so proud of him for all his accomplishments as a boy and young man. I was so proud to watch him become a young man and when I saw him in uniform for the first time, my heart melted. He is so special to me and I'm so proud of him for wanting to serve his country. I'm so proud of him for all his accomplishments in the Army. He achieved so many awards and medals. He had so many friends, fellow soldiers, and officers who spoke so highly of him. He will be missed by everyone, but especially by me, his mom. I love him dearly, for he was my hero. God Bless you, Dan. ~ Lona Bader

Sandy, This song lets me spend time with my thoughts of all 3 of my sons who made the decision to go to help protect us all. One son has done his duty and is now back home. My oldest is in Germany awaiting to go to Iraq in February. My youngest gave me the best Christmas present ever. The first time I kissed him goodbye was after 9/11 and he and my oldest said, "Mom, we've got to go." And he left for basic. The second time I kissed my son goodbye was after basic when he left for Germany which then I thought he may be deployed to Afghanistan. Last April he was deployed to Baghdad from Germany, and 2 weeks ago without my knowing came home to surprise me for Christmas with his 2 week R&R from this war. I came home from work, and with the help of his brother here and some great friends, I walked in to hear, "Hi Mommy." We've had a great 2 weeks, and today I will kiss my son goodbye again today as he leaves to go back to Baghdad. Thank you for this song I can listen to alone and just let it go. God bless you. ~ Kristy

I am the Proud Army Mom of SPC Jeffery Clemins of the 1st ARMOR who is deployed to Iraq (9-29-03). As I listen to your song..the tears fell down my cheeks. I couldn't believe that you knew.. my son also played soldier and always said he would join the service when he grew up. 2 days after he graduated he did. I am so PROUD of our son and all our troops! They are the true HERO's of our world. God Bless them and all the families who lost loved ones there...My heart goes out to you all. Thank You so much for this song...This songs knows my heart. I pray for all our troops and May god Bless them all. ~ Pat Clemins

What a wonderful song! It brings to life all the words that I want to say to my son. We pray and support all of our troops, near and far. We raise our sons hoping that the challenge of war never faces them. That there will be peace on earth, but unfortunately things don't work out that way, so our brave and special son's go out to protect and serve their country. To all of them GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU, AND UNTIL THEY ALL COME HOME, We will be there supporting them all the way! Thank you for such a wonderful song.. ~ Sally Rankin

This song was very moving, especially since I've gone thru this experience with my youngest son, David, when he was deployed to Bosnia. My daughter, Lisa, was in the Army at Ft. Bragg, NC and went to Saudi a month after my oldest son, Roy, was deployed there from Ft. Hood, TX. Thank the Lord they all arrived safely home. I've not seen my son Roy in 7 years as he is now serving in the Army in Germany and will be leaving in February for either Iraq or Afghanistan. Like all mothers of sons and daughters in the service, I am proud of my children and their service to our great country. I pray for all those service men and women and their families at home. God Bless you all. Thanks for such a wonderful song that expresses so many heartfelt emotions for us all. ~ Jan Spiers

So beautiful I sat here crying as that song expressed so much of how you felt in the heart. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I have a friend over in Iraq he is only 18 years of age so his mother is also saying her prayers for her son also. This song really touched my heart and soul and I will share this with everyone I know. ~ Wanda

Dear Sandy,
What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to your son and all the sons and daughters in our armed forces. I can't begin to imagine how a mother must feel to have to kiss them good bye and send them off to a very dangerous situation. I thank God for them everyday. I pray for their safe returns. They are the true heroes. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
Kathy Watterson, Ohio

I am an army chaplain in a hostile fire zone. I thank you for the support you are showing to soldiers and their families. Please continue to show your love. ~ Grant Speers

Sandy, Your song, and video were wonderful. It did make me cry. I thought of my son in the Marines. I am thankful for my two son's. And all the men, and women serving our country. Protecting our safety, standing for freedom. I pray the Lord protect them and bring them safely back home to us again. It's hard to see your son's grow up and leave the nest of mother's safety. God Bless You, and your soldier. And thank you for sharing .F.C. Robertson 

I wish someone had put KLEENEX ALERT for this! It was lovely and reminded me of when I was a little girl and wanted to be a sailor. I remember sitting in the backseat of my parent's car, looking back as we kissed my brother good bye to the military. It may have been written for a mother to her son, but it affects everyone of us who has had to kiss a family member good bye to the military. As I debarked for my time in the service, a man whom I've only seen cry twice in my life, cried as he kissed his daughter goodbye to the military. Thank you for writing and sharing such a moving song. Every one who kissed sons, daughters, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters...goodbye to our Armed Services understand the impact of this song. Thank you! Gina Mackey

I really like your song. Me and my husband are a dual military family and we have two small children(3 and 1) when our son sees us in Uniform he always goes to get his little flag we bought him so that he has it when we are on duty he has something to remember us by, until we come home. Even if it is for a day, a week, a month or even a year. When I hear anything in support to the troops it really moves me and makes me glad that we have the best friends in the world. The ones that are not afraid to stand behind us as we do the job that God and our Country called us to do. Thank You again for your support and keep up the good work. ~ Amanda Mueller

      I just wanted to say thanks, My husband is in the marines and i just dread the day that i will have to kiss him goodbye. Your song touched me so deeply that words could not explain. Steven Keith Lein is my Hero and i don't know what i would do with out him. I have the up most respect for those in the military, it takes a special person to be able to go through what they go through. It not only takes Patients but Strength, Courage, Faith and Hope. I pray for the military every night before i go to bed. I thank GOD that he has send all these angels to us to help and protect us. My love and hope goes out to all who are in the military and all who have loved one in the service. My heart goes out to all who have lost their lives fighting for our country and freedom. All my love and my God bless you!!! KayDee Lein (Burns)

I just wanted to say, that this is the most beautiful song I've ever heard. I also want to tell my baby how proud I am of him. He's a Corporal in the Marines, and not a day goes by that I don't thank God that's he's in my life. May God bless all of our troops, both here and abroad...and let me just simply say, Brian I love you, thank you for all you do everyday to keep me safe. ~ Stephanie

Yes, your song and songs are so touching to many hearts. My grandson is just 22, was in Qatar for 6 months and now may have to go to Iraq in March, he is in the Airforce. It is so hard to see them go off to where they are in harm's way, but we have to be proud that they are protecting us and our freedoms. I pray for all military men and women that God and his angels watch over them. Thank you for your songs.~ Gail

I was so reminded of the day my oldest son went off to school for the first day, then again when he went off to college and was no longer, my "little boy". EMW ~ Maxine

As the proud sister of 3 military brothers(2 fought in desert storm and my 3rd currently has been in iraq since valentines day)and for my friends that are over there as well... please know that this song says what my heart feels for not only my family but for all who have a family member or friend fighting for us back home...we love you and miss you all. God speed.~Angie Macknight from Racine,Wisconsin

Thank you for such a beautiful song and wonderful tribute to our nation's service men and women. My son, Josh, will be deployed to Iraq after the first of the year, and I dread seeing him go. I pray for our troops and their families every day.

I still cry to this day when watching films about Vietnam.  My heart goes out to those vets and their families, as well.
Cathi Knippenberg

What an awesome and touching song.  My wife and I are both in the United States Air force.  She is currently deployed to Iraq while I'm back home with our two year old son.  We both cant wait to see here again and miss her dearly.  This song will be listened to a lot by the both of us.  Sincerely, TSgt Paul Funk, USAF, Charleston SC

Thank You So very much for sharing this song with us, I cry every time I play it, I am the mother of a New Marine, He happens to be my baby, And this so touched my heart, I have an empty nest here so it gets me more every day ,Thank You And God Bless You ~

Your song and video made me cry as I knew it would. The last time I saw my son was Christmas and then he was sent to Iraq in March. I have also prayed he would not be scared. A lot of people have taken down their yellow ribbons saying the war is over but the war is not over until each and every one of our precious children are home safe and sound. Thank you for your tribute. My son is not scheduled to come home until February. God Bless Each and Every One of our Military.
~ Becky

I am a 54 year old Vietnam Vet and your song is something that helps me to understand how the folks back home are affected when the "boys" head overseas into hostile territory. I am also a songwriter and singer, but this has touched me more than I could ever hope some creation of my own would touch others. Bravo Sandy! Bravo also to the guys and gals in those far off places. I have known what it's like being on the soldier's end of this thing, but I now can see the other side of it too. Thank you and God Bless Our Men, our Women, and this country, Good Ole USA! ~ Mike

it has been so hard for me to see my daughter, an airman in the USAF, leave to go to qatar. All the support we can give each other, as parents of the brave soldiers, is a real blessing and helps us to realize we are not in this alone. ~ terri mother of an airman in qatar

I see my 56 year old son in every word and picture. All are precious memories to me. ~ Barbara Griffin

God Bless all of the fine young men and women still fighting for our wonderful country! My son deployed for the third time in as many years just yesterday. This song hits home! ~ Joan Higginbotham

This song really touched my heart. I kissed my son good bye today. He is heading overseas and my heart has just been broken. I worry about him each and every minute. Such a hard day to go through. I pray for all the men and women in the service. I'm counting my son's day while away. Thank you for this wonderful song. ~ Mary from Virginia

Sandy i am a us marine fighter pilot i love this song so much and will do everything in my powers to get this played in our local radio stations here in NYC. ~ Lt Thomas Giovazzino

Sandy,you're song really touched and inspires me.I had an army boyfriend and I love Him so much.My family don't like Him for me cuz they said so many bad things bout being a military.But when I heard your song and seen the video,all I can say is im very PROUD of Him and I can shout the whole world that my Boyfriend is a HERO!!!There's nothing to be ashamed of!Thanks again Sandy for opening my heart,Now Im gonna fight for somebody who is going to be against my "SUPERHERO"... ~ Anne

Thank you for this song,
For the last 20 minutes I have just been letting the tune play on my computer from this message board. The instramental is even wonderful. I too am a new military mom and kissed my son goodbye on 2/24/04. PFC Jerry Bell is my first born and a US Marine now. Soon his brother will be following in his path too. God Bless you and all the other military families out there.
Lord keep our sons safe as they protect our freedom. Semper Fi!!!! ~Pam~

My baby brother was just deployed to Iraq. This song and video is beautiful. Our parents are gone, and all we have is each other and our other brother and sister. Having him gone is devastating, and it's wonderful to see tributes like this. God bless our troops and America. ~ Jo Ann Bartholomew

Sandy, There's just no way that your song cannot touch anyone who hears it. My brother is a Vietnam Vet and though I'm not a mother I remember praying for my big brother to come home safely. Thank GOD he did. So now I am able to empathize with and pray for all the people in America that do have relatives in any war. We all have to remember that prayer does change things and that GOD is watching over all. Donna

As I sit here with tears running down my face and my heart breaking, I know that in 20 days I will have to kiss my husband goodbye. He is not my son, but he is my life. He is 55 years old and is going to be in Iraq. No he is not my son, but he is the son of a 93 year old woman in New York and she sheds tears each time I talk to her. I am going to order this CD for her and for me. I have one son in the Navy and each day I pray that I will not have to see him face the danger as my husband will be doing. This song needs to played on every radio station and on every TV station. To many people forget about our troops in all the foreign lands and the dangers they face each and every hour. I pray for all of them and for our President, who has to make these very hard decisions. God Bless You. ~ Pam

I just wanted you to know this song is so perfact for our troops over sea's....I have a 8 month old son and some friends that have gone to war.......your song has touched me!
If when he gets to be a man and decides to be a soldier......I beleave I will think of your song I know!!!!!Thank you for the most beautiful song I have ever heard.....God Bless You & All The Troops~~~~~Sabrina Holaway

Sandy your song is the best song ive heard so is the video the best ive seen were from uk my son is in iraq your song makes me think of all troups there fighting and dieing for us god protect them all. Your the best thank you ~ linda

My only son spent over a year in Viet Nam in the 101st airborne "Screaming Eagles. How well I understand this tribute to your son. I had the same fears as you and a prayer on my lips every day. I pray your son returns safely to you. God Bless! ~ Cecelia M. Gross

I've had this song for a while now and i listen to it over and over...i still cry each time...I have a son in the marines and i know if he has to go overseas it will be the hardest thing for me to deal with...but i know he will be doing his duty to our country..thank you for such a wonderful song ..GOD BLESS!! ~ Janie

My nephew is a Marine, and I am so proud of him. this song brought tears to my eyes, as he is over seas fighting for our counrty. Please pray, this is a beautiful song. One from the heart. God bless America ~ Melissa Woodard

Dear Sandy,
i love your song, it makes me cry everything i hear it. You see im only 17 but this war has touched my family. My father Josh is in the Army. He is currently deployed to Iraq(4-9-04)and will not be returning home until next year. This is his second deployment in 2 years. I miss him a lot and hope for his safe return. You see im a daddys girl and i miss doing little things with my daddy. I also have a boyfriend who is in the Marines, who currently returned home from a year deployment to iraq, im glad for his safe return and can't wait until my dad comes home. Proud daugther of a PFC Army and a pround girlfriend of a Lance Corporal Marine.


I just listened to your song and watched the video. It touched my heart very much. My oldest son is on deployment and is Iraq. He's been there for 6 months now. I miss him so very much. This song reminded me of him and how I felt when he left us to go overseas to help fight for our country. God Bless each and every one of the soldiers that is over there. They are in mine and my family prayers. ~ Brenda

I love your song "I Kissed My Son Goodbye". In addition to being a beautiful, well presented song/video - it carries with it a very powerful meaning. It has brought tears to my eyes everytime I play it. My my youngest son has wanted to be a soldier in the Army since he was old enough to say the word Army. The only thing that changed is he used to want to fly the helicopters.... then as he got older - he decided he wants to jump out of them and also become a Combat Engineer. He was in JROTC all thru high school - achieved the highest rank, many awards and honors. My "baby boy" - PFC Cody Rich - left Aug 4, 2004 for basic training. I am so proud of him and love & miss him so much. Will keep praying for all of our soldiers to be safe, not afraid and home soon.....and for faith and comfort for the families and loved ones left at home. Thank you so much for the meaningful song. I will purchase the cd and try to get your song on our local radio stations. 
God Bless you, Debbie Rich from North Carolina

I kissed my son goodbye on August 1, 2004 and it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I found this song, and have to tell you it's just beautiful and has so much meaning for me. It makes me cry, but I keep listening to it, I find some comfort in those tears. I have forwarded it on to friends and family. Thank you for such a moving message. ~ Sue

My heart is so heavy today! My oldest left this past week for "over there", I am so struggling and this song is what I needed to hear, especially please Lord don't let him be afraid. My second son is embarking on the crucible at Parris Island for 54 hours. My heart aches today....thank you for the song!! God Bless YOU!! ~ Jan

Sandy: This is so awesome and you are so very talented. I have a son that went into the military a year ago and this so touches my heart.~ karen Brady

i had the honor of meeting some of our military's finest recently when i had car trouble. these two young men stopped, offered help, and got me back on the road. they told me they had just returned from iraq and that they were due to go back in about 60 days. i asked could i shake their hands and say a great big THANKS for doing what you do so that myself and my family can live in a free country. i thanked them again for their help, told them i would keep them in my thoughts and prayers........so "ozzy" and "ben"....keep your heads down and come back to east texas safe and sound!!!!!! hope you enjoyed your fishing trip, too, by the way. bless and keep you all safe.....we are proud of you back here at home.....that goes for all you brave soldiers. sincerely, shawne moore

How could any Mother or Father express the feeling they have when saying goodbye. Our Marine leaves within the next couple weeks. I've said "goodbye" over and over in my head but not in my heart. We are so proud of all soldiers and their families. Thank you for touching each of us with words, thoughts, prayers and in such a wonderful way. God Bless our Soldiers and the USA. The Moyer's - Battle Ground, Washington

Your song was beautiful. It has been sent between several Marine wives in Camp Lejeune, NC. Our husbands are fighting the war on terror in Afghanistan right now. They are our heros. God Bless all of them. We are so thankful for them and those before them who have fought and died to give us freedom. We are praying for all of Marines, Soldiers, and Sailors daily. ~ Mrs. Jennifer L. Winsett

Sandy, I too kissed my son goodbye in July and this song touches my heart in so many ways. Thank you for such a wonderful tribute. ~ LR

My son is serving in Iraq, I sent this song to him to let him know how much he means to me. Thank you so very much for the song. Sara

Sandy and all those reading this... 
I too am the mother of a soldier who leaves tomorrow for Iraq. My child too has wanted to serve in the military since a young age. Through elementary school, then Junior ROTC, and finally ROTC in college, my child has only wanted to be an Army officer. Now that child is off to Iraq, and I can only smile while inside I cry, both with sadness and pride. But this child in not my son, this child is my daughter. Yet, your son still hit a special spot in my heart. God bless all our soldiers, men and women! ~ Coby


Thank you so much for this. I kissed my son, John, good bye today. He was sworn in and left for boot camp at Parris Island at noon (7/26/04). ~ Aileen

Dear Sandy- Your beautiful song is about 35 years too late for me but I am confident that it is of great comfort to our hero's going off to war today. The night I went off to war my parents were so terrified that neither of them could talk when my best friend pulled up out front to take me to the airport. My father just stood there with a look of pain that I have never seen duplicated in a state side world. My heart was breaking for them. To this day I do not know why I did what I did, but I had these felt green leadership tabs on my uniform..I took them both off my uniform, gently took my father's hand and placed them in his hand, closed his fingers on them and said. "this is just a loan, I want them back in a year" and walked out the front door. I am telling you this because it is probably, no, not probably, certainly the most terrifying thing a parent can do is watch their son go off to war; if your song helps just one mother or father it is worth it. Thank you. This puts you right up there with Bob Hope......if asked, I'm sure he would agree that you have elevated that already elite group of people. God bless, take care and hope that our people come home safely real soon. ~ Michael Gemelli

I'm sitting here with tears running down my cheeks. My wonderful 22 year old neighbor, David R was killed this week in Iraq. David gave his life to save 3 others in his Hummer. They were ambushed but David killed some before he died in the vehicle. He was one of my son's closest friends. David was a true American and fought hard for the people in Iraq. Our street has large yellow ribbons and flags on each mailbox. This was for David but now in his honor. They are also for each American soldier. David was 22 years of age and is missed terribly. He was like a son to me. I will miss you David, more than you know. Thank you God, for giving David to his family and friends. God bless each soldier that is fighting for freedom. We have been truly blessed. ~ Carolyn Thompson

This is the song of my heart. My son is in the "sand box" right now - I loved watching him play in the sand box as a child, as I pray he survives the sand box as a brave hero. I've sent this song to a lot of other military Mom's. I'm still crying over the tribute and the song. I miss my Marine so much...and this touched me to my soul. God bless you. Let's all pray them home safely! ~ Michele Morrow

(I'm from a small community- 2100 people) On Thursday we sent 50 young men to train in NJ and then head to Iraq.. All of these brave men are my best friends, one is my cousin... He has a new wife and a baby... It is a terrible thing to go through, we miss them all and are planning the welcome home ceremony when they all come HOME SAFE.. We are so very proud of them... They are representing our small community in a fantastic way... I had never heard this song, until Thursday when it was on the radio during the parade through the town... I've never quite seen anything or experienced anything like it.. There were 4 busloads of men and every fire truck, ambulance, police vehicle- It looked like Pres Bush was in town.. :):) This song was awesome.. Thank you for it.. God Bless the USA and our Troops.. :))
Rebekah :)

I'm 55 , a Viet Nam vet and only have one 14 year old son. I pray that he will not be called on to fight . But he is extremely patriotic and I will not stop him. This reminds me so much of all those who didn't make it home . So beautiful so very well done. Thank you . And may God look after all our little boys in harms way. ~ Bob from Texas


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