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"I Kissed My Son Goodbye" by Sandy Soffe. 

If you like this song and want to hear it on your local radio station then request it. Please ONLY contact the stations that you can actually tune into. By sticking with the stations in your listening area, you will increase the chances of your request being heard. Don't spread yourself thin by trying to hit every station we post on this page. It is also important to stick to your local listening area because, in this age of technology, radio stations can and MORE THAN LIKELY WILL pick up on it if you are calling in or emailing from outside their listening community. If you are a radio station or media contact us here

If a particular station has ONLINE STREAMING and you have been able to tune in from out of the area, feel free to send an email requesting:

"I Kissed My Son Goodbye" by Sandy Soffe. 

Please only contact the stations that you are able to tune into (online or on your radio). Suggestions for your emails & phone calls:

  • #1 Sample Song Request: 

I listen to your station and would like to request that you play the new single "I Kissed My Son Goodbye" by Sandy Soffe.  It's a great song that all your listeners will love! It's honoring our military. Please give it a listen and then give your listening audience the chance to hear it too! It was released March 18th by  You can find the song at 


  • #2 BE CONSISTENT. If you want to make a real impact, get on the phone or computer EVERY DAY and make your requests for this song!  
  • #3 SPREAD THE WORD! Make sure that your friends get this site and  know how to get in touch with their local stations.

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These stations links are just a convenience. If your radio station is not listed or link is broken look in your local phone book. You can let us know the correct link and we will update the page.

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