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These links are just for convenience and may need updating if you find a broken link please let us know the address change and we will update this page. If your link is not listed feel free to look in your local phone book for your radio station.



CBR 1010 AM Calgary, AB
CBX 740 AM Edmonton, AB
CFBR 100.3 FM Edmonton, AB
CFCW 790 AM Edmonton, AB
CFGP 97.7 FM Grande Prairie, AB
CFOK 1370 AM Westlock, AB
CFRN 1260 AM Edmonton, AB
CFRV 107.7 FM Lethbridge, AB
CHED 630 AM Edmonton, AB
CHFM 95.9 FM Calgary, AB
CHKF 94.7 FM Calgary, AB
CHLB 95.5 FM Lethbridge, AB
CHQR 770 AM Calgary, AB
CIRK 97.3 FM Edmonton, AB
CISN 103.9 FM Edmonton, AB
CIZZ 98.9 FM Red Deer, AB
CJAY 92.1 FM Calgary, AB
CJSR 88.5 FM Edmonton, AB (University of Alberta)
CJSW 90.9 FM Calgary, AB (University of Calgary)
CKBA 850 AM Athabasca, AB
CKER 101.9 FM Edmonton, AB
CKGY 1170 AM Red Deer, AB
CKIK 107.3 FM Calgary, AB
CKNG 92.5 FM Edmonton, AB
CKRA 96.3 FM Edmonton, AB
CKRP 95.7 FM Falher, AB
CKRY 105.1 FM Calgary, AB
CKTA 1570 AM Taber, AB
CKTA 96.7 FMC Lethbridge, AB
CKUA 94.9 FM Edmonton, AB
CKUL 99.7 FMC Lethbridge, AB (University of Lethbridge)
CKYX 97.9 FM Fort Mcmurray, AB



CBU 105.7 FM Vancouver, BC
CFAX 1070 AM Victoria, BC
CFCP 1440 AM Courtenay, BC
CFJC 550 AM Kamloops, BC
CFMI 101.1 FM Vancouver, BC
CFOX 99.3 FM Vancouver, BC
CFRO 102.7 FM Vancouver, BC
CFTK 590 AMC Terrace, BC
CFUN 1410 AM Vancouver, BC
CFUV 101.9 FM Victoria, BC (University of Victoria)
CFWB 1490 AM Campbell River, BC
CHET 94.5 FM Chetwynd, BC
CHKG 96.1 FM Vancouver, BC
CHMB 1320 AM Vancouver, BC
CHNV 103.5 FM Nelson, BC
CHQM 103.5 FM Vancouver, BC
CHTK 590 AM Prince Rupert, BC
CHWK 1270 AM Chilliwack, BC
CICF 1050 AM Vernon, BC
CIFM 98.3 FM Kamloops, BC
CILK 101.5 FM Kelowna, BC
CIOC 98.5 FM Victoria, BC
CIRX 94.3 FM Prince George, BC
CISW 102.1 FM Whistler, BC
CITR 101.9 FM Vancouver, BC (University of British Columbia)
CJAV 1240 AM Port Alberni, BC
CJDC 890 AM Dawson Creek, BC
CJFW 103.1 FMC Terrace, BC
CJGR 100.1 FM Gold River, BC
CJJR 93.7 FM Vancouver, BC
CJMG 97.1 FM Penticton, BC
CJOR 1240 AM Osoyoos, BC
CJSF 93.9 FM Burnaby, BC (Simon Fraser University)
CJVB 1470 AM Vancouver, BC
CJVI 900 AM Victoria, BC
CKGF 1340 AM Grand Forks, BC
CKGO 1240 AM Hope, BC
CKKN 101.3 FM Prince George, BC
CKKQ 100.3 FM Victoria, BC
CKKS 96.9 FM Vancouver, BC
CKMA 850 AM Abbotsford, BC
CKMO 103.1 FM Victoria, BC (Camosun College)
CKNW 980 AM Vancouver, BC
CKPG 550 AM Prince George, BC
CKQR 760 AM Castlegar, BC
CKSL 101.5 FM Kelowna, BC
CKSR 104.9 FM Chilliwack, BC
CKST 1040 AM Vancouver, BC
CKTK 1230 AMC Kitimat, BC
CKWX 1130 AM Vancouver, BC
CKXM 1200 AM Victoria, BC
CKZZ 95.3 FM Vancouver, BC



CBW 98.3 FM Winnipeg, MB
CBWS 92.7 FM Brandon, MB
CFQX 104.1 FM Selkirk, MB
CHIQ 94.3 FM Winnipeg, MB
CHSM 1250 AM Steinbach, MB
CIFX 1290 AM Winnipeg, MB
CITI 92.1 FM Winnipeg, MB
CJKR 97.5 FM Winnipeg, MB
CJOB 680 AM Winnipeg, MB
CJUM 101.5 FM Winnipeg, MB (University of Manitoba)
CKLQ 880 AM Brandon, MB
CKMM 103.1 FM Winnipeg, MB
CKUW 95.9 FMC Winnipeg, MB (University of Winnipeg)
CKXL 91.1 FM Winnipeg, MB



CFAN 790 AM Miramichi, NB
CFBC 930 AM St. John, NB
CFQM 103.9 FM Moncton, NB
CHMA 106.9 FM Sackville, NB (Mount Allison University)
CHSR 97.9 FM Fredericton, NB (University of New Brunswick)
CJMO 103.1 FM Moncton, NB
CJPN 90.5 FM Fredericton, NB
CJSE 89.5 FM Shediac, NB
CJYC 98.9 FM St. John, NB
CKCW 1220 AM Moncton, NB



CBN 640 AM St. John's, NF
CFOZ 102.1 FM St. John's, NF
CHMR 103.7 FMC St. John's, NF (MemUniv of NF)
CHMR 93.5 FM St. John's, NF (Mem Univ of NF)
CHOZ 94.7 FM St. John's, NF
CKIX 99.1 FM St. John's, NF
VOAR 1210 AM St. John's, NF
VOCM 590 AM St. John's, NF
VOCM 97.5 FM St. John's, NF



CFFB 1230 AM Iqaluit, NT
CFYK 1340 AM Yellowknife, NT
CHAK 860 AM Inuvik, NT



CBH 90.5 FM Halifax, NS
CFAB 1450 AM Windsor, NS
CFRQ 104.3 FM Halifax, NS
CFXU 690 AMC Antigonish, NS (St. Francis Xavier University)
C1OO 100.1 FM Halifax, NS
CJCH 920 AM Halifax, NS
CKAD 1350 AM Middleton, NS
CKBW 1000 AM Bridgewater, NS
CKCL 600 AM Truro, NS
CKDH 900 AM Amherst, NS
CKDU 97.5 FM Halifax, NS (Dalhousie University)
CKDY 1420 AM Digby, NS
CKEC 1320 AM New Glasgow, NS
CKEN 1490 AM Kentville, NS
CKTO 100.9 FM Truro, NS
CKWM 97.7 FM Kentville, NS



CISS 92.5 FM Toronto, ON
CBL 740 AM Toronto, ON
CBL 94.1 FM Toronto, ON
CBLA 99.1 FM Toronto, ON
CBO 91.5 FM Ottawa, ON
CBON 88.1 FM Sault Ste. Marie, ON
CBOQ 103.3 FM Ottawa, ON
CBQ 88.3 FM Thunder Bay, ON
CBSM 89.5 FM Sault Ste. Marie, ON
CCCC 107.9 FM Toronto, ON
CDEJ 93.5 FM Toronto, ON
CFBK 105.5 FM Huntsville, ON
CFBU 103.7 FM St. Catharines, ON (Brock University)
CFCA 105.3 FM Kitchener, ON
CFCO 630 AM Chatham, ON
CFFF 92.7 FM Peterborough, ON (Trent University)
CFGX 99.9 FM Sarnia, ON
CFHK 103.1 FM London, ON
CFJB 95.7 FM Barrie, ON
CFJR 830 AM Brockville, ON
CFMK 96.3 FM Kingston, ON
CFMU 93.3 FM Hamilton, ON (McMaster University)
CFNY 102.1 FM Toronto, ON
CFOS 560 AM Owen Sound, ON
CFPL 95.9 FM London, ON
CFPL 980 AM London, ON
CFRA 580 AM Ottawa, ON
CFRB 1010 AM Toronto, ON
CFRC 101.9 FM Kingston, ON (Queen's University)
CFRU 93.3 FM Guelph, ON
CFTR 680 AM Toronto, ON
CHAM 820 AM Hamilton, ON
CHAS 100.5 FM Sault Ste. Marie, ON
CHAY 93.1 FM Barrie, ON
CHCD 106.7 FM Simcoe, ON
CHEZ 106.1 FM Ottawa, ON
CHIN 100.7 FM Toronto, ON
CHIN 1540 AM Toronto, ON
CHML 900 AM Hamilton, ON
CHOD 92.1 FM Cornwall, ON
CHOG 640 AM Toronto, ON
CHOK 1070 AM Sarnia, ON
CHRE 105.7 FM St. Catharines, ON
CHRI 99.1 FM Ottawa, ON
CHRW 94.7 FM London, ON (University of Western Ontario)
CHRY 105.5 FM Toronto, ON (York University)
CHTZ 97.7 FM St. Catherines, ON
CHUM 104.5 FM Toronto, ON
CHUM 1050 AM Toronto, ON
CHVR 96.7 FM Pembroke, ON
CHXL 103.7 FM Brockville, ON
CIAO 530 AMC Brampton, ON
CICZ 104.1 FM Midland, ON
CIDC 103.5 FM Orangeville, ON
CIDR 93.9 FM Windsor, ON
CIGL 97.1 FM Belleville, ON
CILQ 107.1 FM Toronto, ON
CIMJ 106.1 FM Guelph, ON
CIMX 88.7 FM Windsor, ON
CING 107.9 FM Burlington, ON
CINN 91.1 FM Hearst, ON
CIOI 101.5 FM Hamilton, ON (Mohawk College)
CIQB 101.1 FM Barrie, ON
CIRV 88.9 FM Toronto, ON
CIUT 89.5 FM Toronto, ON (University of Toronto)
CIWW 1310 AM Ottawa, ON
CIXK 106.5 FM Owen Sound, ON
CIXX 106.9 FM London, ON (Fanshawe College)
CIZ 97.5 FM Kingston, ON
CJAM 91.5 FM Windsor, ON (University of Windsor)
CJBC 90.3 FM Toronto, ON
CJBK 1290 AM London, ON
CJBQ 800 AM Belleville, ON
CJBX 92.7 FM London, ON
CJCL 590 AM Toronto, ON
CJCS 1240 AM Stratford, ON
CJEZ 97.3 FM Toronto, ON
CJKL 580 AM Kirkland Lake, ON
CJKX 95.9 FM Ajax, ON
CJLX 92.3 FM Belleville, ON (Loyalist College)
CJMX 105.3 FM Sudbury, ON
CJNH 1240 AM Bancroft, ON
CJOA 95.1 FM Thunder Bay, ON
CJOJ 95.5 FM Belleville, ON
CJOY 1460 AM Guelph, ON
CJQM 104.3 FM Sault Ste. Marie, ON
CJRQ 92.7 FM Sudbury, ON
CJRT 91.1 FM Toronto, ON (College)
CJSD 94.3 FM Thunder Bay, ON
CJTN 1270 AM Trenton, ON
CJTT 104.5 FM New Liskeard, ON
CJXY 95.3 FM Hamilton, ON
CKBY 105.3 FM Ottawa, ON
CKCB 95.1 FM Collingwood, ON
CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa, ON (Carleton University)
CKDJ 96.9 FM Ottawa, ON (Algonquin College)
CKDX 88.5 FM Newmarket, ON
CKEY 101.1 FM Niagara Falls, ON
CKFM 99.9 FM Toronto, ON
CKGE 94.9 FM Oshawa, ON
CKKL 93.9 FM Ottawa, ON
CKKW 1090 AM Kitchener, ON
CKLA 106.1 FM Guelph, ON
CKLC 1380 AM Kingston, ON
CKLH 102.9 FM Hamilton, ON
CKLN 88.1 FM Toronto, ON (Ryerson Polytechnical Univ)
CKLX 92.3 FM Belleville, ON (Loyalist College)
CKMS 100.3 FM Waterloo, ON (University of Waterloo)
CKNX 101.7 FM Wingham, ON
CKOC 1150 AM Hamilton, ON
CKPC 1380 AM Brantford, ON
CKPC 92.1 FM Brantford, ON
CKPR 94.3 FM Thunder Bay, ON
CKPT 1420 AM Peterborough, ON
CKQB 106.9 FM Ottawa, ON
CKQM 105.1 FM Peterborough, ON
CKRU 980 AM Peterborough, ON
CKRZ 100.3 FM Ohsweken, ON
CKSY 95.1 FM Chatham, ON
CKTB 610 AM St. Catharines, ON
CKTY 1110 AM Sarnia, ON
CKWE 105.9 FM Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, ON
CKWF 101.5 FM Peterborough, ON
CKWR 98.5 FM Waterloo, ON
CREC 94.7 FM Strathroy, ON



MAGIC 93 93.1 FM Charlottetown, PE



CBF 690 AM Montreal, QC
CBM 88.5 FM Montreal, QC
CBM 940 AM Montreal, QC
CFAK 88.5 FMC Sherbrooke, QC (Université de Sherbrooke)
CFIX 96.9 FM Chicoutimi, QC
CFJO 97.3 FM Victoriaville, QC
CFLX 95.5 FM Sherbrooke, QC
CFMB 1280 AM Montreal, QC
CFOU 89.1 FM TroisRivieres, QC (Universite du Quebec)
CFQR 92.5 FM Montreal, QC
CFZZ 104.1 FM SaintJean, QC
CHAA 103.3 FM Longueuil, QC
CHEY 94.7 FM TroisRivieres, QC
CHLT 630 AM Sherbrooke, QC
CHOA 96.5 FM Rouyn, QC
CHOI 98.1 FM Quebec, QC
CHOM 97.7 FM Montreal, QC
CHYZ 94.3 FM Quebec City, QC (Laval University)
CIBL 101.5 FM Montreal, QC
CIEL 98.5 FM Longueuil, QC
CIMF 94.9 FM Hull, QC
CINQ 102.3 FM Montreal, QC
CIQC 600 AM Montreal, QC
CIRA 91.3 FM Montreal, QC
CISM 89.3 FM Montreal, QC (Universite de Montreal)
CITE 107.3 FM Montreal, QC
CITF 107.5 FM Quebec, QC
CJAD 800 AM Montreal, QC
CJFM 95.9 FM Montreal, QC
CJMQ 88.9 FM Lennoxville, QC (Bishop's University)
CJMV 102.7 FM Vald'Or, QC
CKMF 94.3 FM Montreal, QC
CKOD 103.1 FM Valleyfield, QC
CKOI 96.9 FM Verdun, QC
CKRK 103.7 FM Kahnawake, QC
CKRL 89.1 FM Quebec, QC
CKTF 104.1 FM Hull, QC
CKUT 90.3 FM Montreal, QC (McGill University)
CKYQ 95.7 FM Plessisville, QC
CRME 690 AMC Montreal, QC



CBK 540 AM Regina, SK
CFCR 90.5 FM Saskatoon, SK
CFMM 99.1 FM Prince Albert, SK
CFQC 92.9 FM Saskatoon, SK
CFWF 104.9 FM Regina, SK
CFYM 1210 AM Kindersely, SK
CJGX 940 AM Yorkton, SK
CJVR 750 AM Melfort, SK
CJWW 600 AM Saskatoon, SK
CJYM 1330 AM Rosetown, SK

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