Free Referral System for Your website!

Would you like a referral system on your site that is personalized to send your web page! We know how convenient it is to have people send your website right from it.  We made this Free system for you to use.


The above system is what it looks like.  This system runs by e-mail and any spamming is the responsibility of the website using it. Link4U is not responsible for any misdirected email or spam or misuse of this system. I hope this helps you promote or at least make it convenient for you visitors to send your website.. This system is FREE! If the code is properly copied and no other changes made the system should run fine for you.  We do not give support on this if you have changed the coding in anyway.. 

We would like to know who is using this code.. Your email and website is strictly confidential .  Please fill in these small questions to get the instructions and code for our system: Thank You



Website using this system:






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