I couldn't sleep!



It was too late to make a call..



The fish were not biting at all.




So I searched for something to do..



but the movies were closed too...



I downloaded a little bit

then my computer had a fit!




I just kept walking around and

trying not to frown.




It doesn't help counting sheep,

when you can't sleep.




I played with the tape

it kept me awake.



I scared the cat!

Can you believe that!




The I looked at the clock and 

it didn't matter about the time,

I can send you a greeting online!


Hi There!


You can try and send it back,

I probably have not hit the sack.


Remember if you ever have trouble sleeping

and want something to do...

Try sending out a greeting to me too.


Send this to all your friends, it doesn't matter what time!


. .