The Career Guidence test for the Graduate

Problem: a cat is in the tree. Explain briefly how you would get the cat out of the tree.

Now check your answers with the career analysis.

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1. Climb a tree.

You are of average intelligence. You could be a good sales clerk.

2. Climb the tree with a ladder.

You are of above average intelligence. You could be a sales clerk supervisor.

3. Call,  "Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!"

You are a foolish optimist. Do not try an start your own business.

4. Chop down the tree.

You are an energetic doer rather than a passive thinker. Join the Marines.

5. Get a sexy cat to entice the other cat out of the tree.

You have a future in advertising or show business.

6. Call the fire department

You know how to delegate responsibility. Become an executive.

7. Set the tree on fire.

You have imagination, creativity, and a warped sense of humor. You will become a writer of silly greeting web cards.


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