Megabite is Here!

Megabytes! GRRRRRRowll

Across the nation we send our 

instant messages & e-mails too.

We share our lives  

without knowing who is who!


As our words travel far 

 thru cyberspace.

Soon we begin to bring a

 smile to someone's face.


Sure it takes one or two, 

then three and four

and before we know it 

we have sent it to more. 


Don't work too hard

or put your brain in a fog.

Send Megabite around

 to find that taco dog.

Where is that taco dog?

Sent from someone

thinking of you.

To put a smile on your face  

for a moment or two.

Have a Great Day!!

Lets see how far we can help Megabite travel.


. .