Colors in the Wind 

As you begin to see the land
turn colors in the wind.
You realize fall has come and 
winter will soon begin.

You rake your leaves into
a pile,
Cutting your wood and thinking
all the while.

The special colors that we
see across the earth.
For once, we never wonder
what they are worth.

Like the leaves that fly
and hit the ground.
Sharing kindness to the world
is all around.

You don't know how far it will reach
or if it will land.
You can't see or touch
it with your hand.

So today I am giving you these
colors that you can claim.
They're yours to keep
even through the rain.

I have painted with
the colors of the wind
and brought this
 to you, My Friend..

To thank you for everything,
if for no other reason.
 To let you know I am thinking of you
during this fall season.

Written by: © 2000 Kathy Foley

Have a Great Fall!

This gift is yours to keep,
But it doesn't have to end.
Share the colors in the wind 
and send this to a Friend.

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